Harry Potter star Emma Watson shares how she got into filmmaking

Emma Watson shared her experiences of moving behind the camera on her cinematic journey.

Harry PotterThe star recently shared a photo of her wearing photographic equipment, showing that she tried her hand at directing. In a new Instagram post, the English actress and activist talked about how she got started and how her friends helped her along the way.

Emma Watson explains how she got into filmmaking

Emma Watson has shared her first short documentary about her friend, artist Emma Webster.

“Actually, I had no intention of making films. I would say that the real start was what I saw going on around me on set, and then I started to learn how to apply it in other areas of my life. ” Watson wrote in the signature.


“Then the filmmaking itself began with writing love letters to my friends. Whether it’s styling them, photo shoots for their websites, or photo shoots for their business, I loved helping out, ”she continued.

Watson then explained that her goal is to reveal the beauty of her loved ones, so that they see themselves as she sees them.

“Sometimes I did it selfishly because I just wanted them to see all the beauty I saw in them that they never seemed to see.

Then, over time, I started helping a friend play sound on set. Then, very slowly, I began to work behind the camera (at first my back hurt so badly [cry laughing emoji]),” she said.

“Then I started editing. Now I’m here, sharing my first attempt at directing. I could not have done this without friends with whom I could be vulnerable enough to show that I do not know what I am doing and ask for help at every turn, ”she added.

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Emma Watson says filmmaking is like falling in love

Watson then reached out to her friend Webster directly and thanked her for the inspiration.

“As a woman, I always found the thought of living alone to be terrifying … and when you told me that you lived in the garage above your studio to devote yourself to what you really wanted to do, despite all the ‘kind and well-meaning tips “- that’s when I realized that I want to make my first tiny film about you”, – wrote the actress.

“I just immediately wanted to try and capture who you were and the importance of your work.

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