Harry Styles helped fans show their gender in their concert.

Gender revelations are getting bigger and bigger, and people seem to be moving forward to announce what’s happening.

Harry Styles smiles.
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People do cannons, fireworks and all sorts of things, but a girl in Tennessee can win.

She reveals to Harry Styles what her baby is – on stage at her concert.

Harry teased the crowd and counted.

At the Nashville stop of his tour last night, Harry, LGBTQ rumors are circulating., Helped a pregnant fan read aloud whether he was a boy or a girl.

He had a piece of paper with the answer but teased the crowd a little before showing it.

He looked at her and laughed, as if the crowd in the crowd shouted “Just say this!”

“You know, I’m happy in those moments because I know everything and you don’t know,” he said.

Then he pretended he was going to start another song and just leave the revelation.

Eventually, he stopped all the stupid business and asked the crowd if they could help him in the countdown.

The expectant mother panicked, as she showed him on the big screen with her hands over her face.

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Style announces that he has a daughter.

After counting from 10 in the audience, Harry raised his arm in victory as he revealed the sex of the baby.

“A little girl,” he announced, as the crowd at Bridgestone Arena went wild.

The pregnant woman burst into tears, as her friend who was with her hugged her and recorded the whole thing.

Style fell to her knees and clapped and cheered, and it seemed like she was close to tears.

Moments later, he congratulated the woman and her partner, who was on a phone at FaceTime with Styles.

“That’s what I wanted you to have!” He said to the woman

Harry, who is dating actress Olivia Wilde, looks really excited for expectant parents.

Every fan on the field was jealous of the woman.

One even said that he was going to “calculate” his pregnancy with a Harry Styles concert.

“How can I explain to my future husband that we need to calculate the birth rate, I need to show gender at the Harry Style concert,” she wrote.

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