Has Iggy Azalea ever dated Tristan Thompson?

Eggy Ezlea. Already wrapped up in some questionable controversies and rumors, however, this is not what she wants to be a part of! Although the rapper has had great success in the music industry, mainly when it comes to his hit single, ‘Fancy’, it has become clear that we hear more about his scandals than his music.

After her break from the music scene, which later appeared to be off the lights during her pregnancy, Aggie came back and is better than before, or so we thought! Upon her return, this time as a mother, Aggie is not being linked to many celebrities, however, this time, Aggie is being romantically linked. Tristan Thompson., And she doesn’t want any of that!

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After Tristan and Khloe Kardashian, things went official this summer. Tristan fraud scandals., NBA player quickly became associated with a few women in the industry, Aggie is one of them. So, did the rapper and the basketball player have a moment? Let’s jump!

Tristan and Khloe left him.

Fans have been following the relationship between Tristan Thomson and Khloe Kardashian for years, or lack thereof. The pair made headlines in 2018 when Tristan was seen kissing at a club, of course with a woman who was not alone and later invited him back to their New York City hotel.

It all happened just 5 days ago when Khloe gave birth to her daughter, True Thompson. Despite fans urging Khloe to leave, Capping Up with the Kardashians star decided to take him back, however, he quickly resumed his old ways after his scandal with Jordan Woods.

It seems the two attacks were not the limit of the open, who stayed with Tristan, primarily for the sake of his family, however, in June 2021, the couple He was officially released. Three years after trying to make it work. Fans were relieved that Khloe finally regained consciousness, and let go of Tristan, who was apparently treating the good American boss less than he deserved.

Although the two are no longer together, they are happy and involved in each other’s lives for their daughter. Tristan, who also has children from a previous relationship, may not be the best boyfriend, however, the NBA player proves himself a father.

Thompson is a very powerful father, especially when it comes to the truth, and despite the fact that Khloe saw the idea of ​​having more children, it is clear that he is still good with his child. As the months go by since their split, Tristan is romantically linked to a few big names, Aggie Azalia is one of them!

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Rumors are circulating that Aggie Ezle is dating Tristan.

Rumors of a possible dating of Aggie and Tristan began to surface in August 2021, and with Tristan’s track record of moving very fast, it was no surprise that they were dating. Will Although this news did not shock the audience so much, it certainly surprised Iggy Azalea.

Isalia has dated many high profile celebrities in the past, including Nick Young, Playboy Carty, Taiga and Vivo, so when her name was linked with Tristan Thompson, fans took it for granted. Well, it turns out it’s not. The rapper did not waste any time claiming that the rumors were “fake news”. She had never met Tristan before..

Iggy later took to Twitter to share his thoughts on the allegations, making it clear that he was not at all realistic. “Strange fake news is circulating about me that I am meeting a person whom I have never met in my life … like… .Are you really so bored?!?!” Ezlia said.

When a fan responded to rumors about Tristan, Aggie said she didn’t even know who he was! Although everyone and her mother knows who Tristan Thompson is, considering her dubious ways have been making headlines for years now, we’re not entirely sure if Aggie was right when she claimed she Don’t know Come on, this is Maria Carey’s shot!

Regardless of whether she knows it or not, it’s clear that the two have never had a date, especially since Aggie has been focusing primarily on new music, and of course, being a mom. In June last year, Aggie confirmed. She gave birth to a boy. During the delivery, Isalia said she was passing by while Playboy Carty, her baby Daddy, were playing video games. With such an experience, it is not surprising that she stays away from men at the moment.

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Iggy Azalea robbed! Jewelry worth $ 366,000 was stolen, including her engagement ring.

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