Hawai’i’ Actor Kian Talan – Deadline

Special: Sample Signed Filipino American actor. کیان تالان.

Talan is currently appearing. CBS Series NCIS: Hawaii. Joe follows the life of the special agent in charge of NCIS Pearl Harbor, Jane Tennant (Vanessa Lachi). He photographed Jane’s eldest son, Alex, a moody and frustrated teenager struggling with his parents’ split and father’s new family.

He had previously appeared in an educational series entitled Farrell Williams. Brain baby, And HBO Max’s critically acclaimed short film, Shadows

Talan is an advocate for the Asian-American representation in Hollywood and supports various initiatives, including the Search to Involve Filipino Americans (SIPA) Los Angeles Chapter and the Philippine American Charity Trust (FACT) outside New Hampshire. One of which played a role in their understanding. Misrepresented around him as a child.

As his career grows, he hopes to represent stories he has never seen grow and carry the story forward for Asian Americans.

He will continue to represent Paradigm as well as Corner Booth Entertainment.

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