‘Hawkeye’ Will Premiere On DIsney+ With Two Episodes, New Trailer Out – Deadline

Disney+ Has unveiled plans to launch Marvel Studios Hockey A two-episode series on the November 24 debut. It also released another trailer today featuring side-kick archer Kate Bishop.

After the debut, subsequent episodes will air every Wednesday.

DIsney +

Hockey An original new series after New York City, featuring former Avenger Clint Barton, aka Hockey (Jeremy Rainer.), A seemingly simple mission: go back to your family for Christmas.

But when a threat from his past appears, hockey reluctantly teaches Kate Bishop (Haley Steinfeld) a 22-year-old skilled archer and her biggest fan to uncover a criminal conspiracy.

The series also stars Maya Lopez in the role of Vera Pharmaga, Frace, Tony Dalton, Zhan McClaren, Brian D. R. C. James and newcomer Elaka Cox. The series is directed by Rice Thomas and directed by Jodi Burt and Bertie.

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