HBO Hosts “Old-School” Premiere Ahead Of ‘Succession’ Season 3 Debut – Deadline

Casey Blues, head of content. HBO And HBO Max said Tuesday that he can’t name his favorite HBO show more than his favorite kid’s choice. However, he told a crowd at the Museum of Natural History: “I’ll tell you that if you have kids, it’s like a very bright, very skilled, very attractive kid who goes to Ivy League school and Cancer researches and falls. In love with someone from a very rich family, and wants to spend every weekend with you, and maybe name your baby after you. So no one likes, but A very, very good kid.

Crowds at the Amex Theater in New York’s historic landmark chanted slogans of approval as they settled to watch the third installment of the acclaimed series with Nicholas Bertel’s brilliant theme song, which began on Sunday after a two-year hiatus. ۔ It was shot during a cove, ending in Florence, Italy. “I really think when a show is going well it’s like a renaissance town – and it’s no joke, it’s premium drama wisdom – you get this confluence of talent and each other. Raises and strives that creators, executive producers and show runners like Armstrong said they are the best and inspired by each other.


The Emmy-winning drama Wester / Roiko is in a dangerous position with media mogul and patron Logan Roy (Brian Cox) after ambushing his rebellious son Kendall (Jeremy Strong) at the end of season 2. Shiv (Sarah Snook) and youngest son Roman (Karen Culken) in the growing and bitter Roy family civil war. HBO hinted at the chaos with a teaser in July, a trailer in September and a new clip this month.

If you’ve forgotten the fun at an HBO party, violinists take the crowd from the theater to the museum’s giant hall of Ocean Life, which features an orchestra under a 94-foot-tall blue whale model. Was played Guests traversed the museum walls under the famous buffalo and bear Duramas and shark displays. (“We’re going to lubricate these animals. We’re going to be a complete beast!” Logan Roy threatened at the end of the season’s premiere.)

The cast blended. Jason Claire, CEO of Warner Media Warner Bruce CEO Ann Sarnoff and Warner Bruce Chairman Toby Emerch were present, as was their future boss, Discovery CEO David Zaslaw. Ben Stellar, who took the run in 2006. Night at the museum., Also put in an appearance.

There was no clear indication of AT&T, which has been circulating Warner Media’s Discovery deal until mid-next year. Telco acquired Time Warner in 2018 and the collection has not been culturally successful. Host of HBO. Last week with John Oliver tonight. Sunday’s show was used after his “corporate daddy” called AT&T a “terrible company” when news broke that he had helped launch the far-right network OAN. She also worked with AT&T last month to support Texas lawmakers who voted for the state’s abortion law.

SuccessionOf The third season of the nine episodes will begin at 9 a.m. ET / PT on HBO and will be available to stream on HBO Max.

Returning cast members include Alan Rick, Nicholas Brown, Matthew McFadden, Peter Friedman, Jay Smith Cameron, Dagmara Dominic, Justin Lopey, David Rasche, Fisher Stevens, Hyam Abbas, Arin Moye, Harriet Walter, James Chromewell, Nutley. Gold, Juliana. Kenfield, Annabel Dexter Jones, Zoo Winters and Jenny Berlin returned. Additional cast this season includes Alexander Scarsgard, Sana Leighton, Linda Amond, Jehai, Adrian Brody, Hope Davis and Disha Nekrosova.

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