HBO Max’s 20th Anniversary Reunion Special Made Serious Image Error

Fans Harry Potter the franchises were more than thrilled after watching a special Harry Potter reunion to celebrate his 20th birthday. From cast choices to never-before-seen behind-the-scenes cutscenes, Harry Potter fanatics were impressed everywhere. One significant mistake was noticed by a Twitter user, and this could be one of the biggest mistakes a special reunion can make.

The special included various photographs of the actors in early childhood, as it was at this age that they fell in love with books. Unfortunately, one of these photos did not include the actor. Instead, it was a photograph American Horror Story actress Emma Roberts.


Roberts posted photo of yourself on Instagram almost ten years ago, heading it “Minnie Mouse Ears!” Users have since commented on the image, admitting that they discovered it after a special anniversary bug and tagged HBO Max.

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While filmmakers typically ask the films they make to select their own photos, there have been instances where they’ve turned to social media instead. The image of Roberts was used when talking about Hermione, depicting Emma Watson, whose appearance has been compared to Roberts many times over the years. Both actresses have several films under their belt, and they have become popular “Emma” in the entertainment industry.

However, the photographs of these two have never been a mistake before, especially since their appearance has changed a lot over the years. From dyes to hairstyles, the actresses came out of their shell shortly after the 2011s. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2… Since then, their comparisons in Hollywood have plummeted.

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One fan is all it takes to alert viewers of a serious mistake

Following Roberts fan on Twitter tweeted photos together with “GUYS HELP ME WHAT IS LITERALLY EMMA ROBERTS AND NOT EMMA WATSON”, after which she tweeted: “Sue them !!!!!”

After her tweet, other users commented that they thought the same thing too, but thought they were wrong. Even one user tweeted“God, I literally thought about it while watching this !! I remember that photo that went around in circles when they shot DH, part 1, when Hermione uses her parents oblivion and you see Emma V.’s childhood photos – people were talking that this photo was “exclusive” from the set.

At the time of publication, the filmmakers and HBO Max did not comment on the bug. Neither Roberts nor Watson discussed this issue, or whether Watson was aware of the bug prior to its release. Return to Hogwarts, Harry Potter 20th Anniversary is available for viewing on the streaming service, and it is unknown if this bug will be fixed in an updated version of the spec.

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