‘He says he’s not feeling well about the trip but doesn’t think about canceling’: Pregnant wife tries to tell husband it’s not good to leave her on a 10-day holiday trip

What separates an adult from a child? There are a lot of criteria, but one of the most important, not so much dependent on the exact age, is the ability to take responsibility and set priorities correctly.

A small child, faced with something he really wants, is ready to give up everything just to get what he wants. And the point here is not at all in the calendar number of years – this situation can equally apply to both a three-year-old kid who wants a bike, and a thirty-year-old man who does not want to miss a cool party. anyway.

For example, for this mother, whose post on the AITA Reddit community has already collected about 11.2 thousand votes and more than 1.6 comments. This is the husband of the original poster, and you can try to determine his true age for yourself.

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The original poster is pregnant with her second child and has a baby too.

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So, OP and her husband are expecting their second child, and the first, according to the woman, is still a toddler. The birth of the first child was very difficult; she had to have a caesarean section, the baby was born prematurely at about 32 weeks and spent two months in intensive care.

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The first pregnancy was quite problematic and the OP fears the second might be the same.

Everything worked out then, but now the pregnancy with a second child is approaching the same numbers, and the OP is quite reasonably afraid that some problems may arise again. This time, the doctors also ordered a caesarean section – according to the plan at 38 weeks, but there are some suspicions that things may not go according to plan again.

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The OP’s husband plans to go on a 10-day holiday trip abroad with his colleagues.

What’s the problem with the OP’s husband, you ask? Well, here’s the thing – the fact is that he was planning a long holiday trip to Europe with colleagues, and then he wanted to see his family. In total, he will be absent for about 10 days – and it is during this period that the 32-33 weeks of pregnancy, which are significant for the OP, fall.

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In which case, the OP will be left all alone with a bunch of problems.

The situation is complicated by the fact that the family has recently moved to a new place and has not yet had time to make friends and acquaintances, so that in case of any health problems, the mother will be left all alone. Also, don’t forget about the first child, which is also the responsibility of the OP.

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Also, OP’s husband will need two flights to get home.

In connection with a difficult pregnancy, doctors recommended that she avoid lifting weights, but the baby is also weight. In general, there is a risk that everything can go wrong when the hubby is on another continent, two flights from home and almost does not get in touch, because the party is scheduled at one of the resorts famous for its nightclubs.

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The husband appears to be unwell, but does not want to cancel the trip.

OP, let’s just give her credit, a very humble person. She decided not to tell her husband directly that she was not enthusiastic about his idea to go, but tried to hint to her husband. As a result, the man looks sad because he is embarrassed to leave his wife alone, but at the same time he is in no hurry to cancel the trip.

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Commentators say that a responsible person will do anything to avoid problems in the family.

According to people in the comments, even the fact that the husband does not plan to cancel anything speaks volumes. Commentators argue that if the doctor has already said that the life of his wife and child may be in danger, then a responsible person will do everything to avoid problems as much as possible. And it is better that the wife told him about it directly.

Some say that during parties in clubs, a man could become infected with some kind of virus, and then infect his pregnant wife and baby with it – even if everything is in order with the pregnancy, this still endangers their health. In general, most commentators agree that the OP’s husband is just being selfish and only thinks about his own pleasure.

We now appreciate your comments, so we’d love to hear what you think about this situation. Or maybe someone has already found themselves in a similar situation – then your story will be doubly valuable for us.

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