He wanted to take care of his daughter the most.

Calvin Lutz saddened fans by revealing this week that he was leaving the hit show. FBI: Most Wanted.

The actor explained on Instagram on Tuesday why he is moving away from the hit CBS drama.

He explained that he likes his time on the show, but that family is more important.

Lutz announced why he was leaving the show.

After the premiere of season 3. FBI: Most Wanted It was over, Lutz went on to explain on his Instagram.

“Wow! What a night! And yes, you saw it right,” he wrote, referring to his character being shot.

The incident ended with him recovering in the hospital, leaving fans wondering what was going to happen.

Lutz explained that he was moving away from the role, but he did not rule it out. He is likely to return.“Crosby won’t be chasing bad guys for a while” and “I hope Crosby will be able to get out of here and there in the future.”

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Although the news that Calvin will not be in the next episodes of this season’s show saddened the audience, many people understood that he has decided to leave because of it.

He revealed that he is no longer filming so his daughter, who was born this year, could grow up with a family on the West Coast.

Lutz and his wife Britney have had some serious tragedies recently, losing a baby during pregnancy and Britney had some health fears, so he wants to focus on what’s important: his family.

“If 2020 teaches me something, how important this family is. After much prayer and reflection, I made the difficult decision to move my growing family back to CA so that our daughter could be with her grandparents, aunts, uncles and Growing up with cousins. Just a short drive away, “he wrote in the caption.

Fans told her that family is the most important thing.

While many in the comments section of the post expressed regret that they would no longer be able to see Crosby on the show, most people praised Kellen’s decision.

People told him that family was the most important thing, and that he was a good man for his wife and daughter.

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“It’s certainly not an easy decision, but at the moment it’s the most productive for your family,” someone wrote.

“Crazy respect,” another man told the 36-year-old.

Kellen Lutz's Instagram Comments

Credit: Instagram

“I am very proud of you. Of course I will miss you but I respect you.[r] The decision is best for you and for you.[r] Beautiful family, “commented one girl.

Another fan told him that he made the right choice during his career by choosing the needs of his family.

“I’m sure you’ve made the right decision. Family is the most important thing in life,” he wrote.

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