Heartbroken Kevin Costner honors co-star Ray Liotta

Following the tragic news of Ray Liotta’s death at the age of just 67, his friend and co-star Kevin Costner spoke out, honoring the late actor in the best possible way…

The heartbreaking news hit the headlines on Thursday, May 26…

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Actor Ray Liotta has tragically passed away.

The star was best known for her role as Henry Hill in the hit 1990 gangster film. Good guys.

However, Liotta also appeared in the 1989 film. dream field, play a dead baseball player, shoeless Joe Jackson, who comes back to life for one more game.

And co-star Kevin Costner shared something magical that happened on set after he learned the sad news of Liotta’s passing.

Scroll down to see what he had to say…

When the news broke last week, director Martin Scorsese and actor Robert De Niro, who have both worked alongside Liotta, shared their impressions. tribute to the star…

Scorsese called Liotta a “masculine” actor, stating that he is “uniquely gifted”.

Scorsese said he was “absolutely shocked and devastated” by the tragic news and that Liotta was amazing to work with.

“Play Henry Hill in Good guys was a challenge because the character had so many different facets, so many complex layers, and Ray was in almost every scene of the long and difficult shoot,” he explained.

“He absolutely blew me away and I will always be proud of our collaboration on this film.

“My heart goes out to his loved ones and it hurts for his loss, too early.”

De Niro made the announcement in a statement. Hollywood Reporter: “I was very saddened to hear of Ray’s passing.”

“He is too young to leave us. May he rest in peace.”

Jennifer Lopez, who starred with Liotta in shades of bluecalled him her “accomplice in crime” in tribute on Twitter.

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“First thing that comes to mind is that he was so kind to my kids,” she tweeted. “Ray was the epitome of a tough guy who was soft on the inside… I think that’s what made him such an attractive actor to watch.”

Singer Ed Sheeran also shared tributecalling Liotta “such a fun guy”.

He met him on the set of the 2015 music video for the hit track. blood flowand it looks like they’ve bonded.

“Very sad to hear of the passing of Ray Liotta,” he wrote. “I worked with him on the Bloodstream music video with Emil Nava and hung out with him at concerts.

“He was such a funny guy, so sweet and I loved being around him. The Goodfellas will always be my favorite movie. I’ll raise a toast to him tonight.

As tributes continued to come to the star, actor Seth Rogen
called Liotta “a lovely, talented and funny person”.

“Working with him was one of the greatest joys of my career and we filmed some of my favorite scenes I have ever been in. A true legend of incredible skill and grace.” – Rogen tweeted about the time he worked with Liotta for Observe and report in 2009.

Like his co-stars, Liotta’s fans have also tweeted their tributes to the actor, with many sharing their favorite roles he has played.

One fan wrote: “Ray Liotta and Lorraine Bracco will forever enter through the kitchen in Shot the Cop.” One of the cinematic landmarks for its technical achievements as a magic door to Henry Hill’s exclusive world. Scorsese makes the couple go in circles to reach depth.”

Referring to one of Liotta’s incredible moments, one fan wrote:

“RIP Ray Liotta, I’m still waiting to find that special woman I love so much that I beat the crap out of her creepy neighbor with the butt of a gun and asked her to hold it for me in a gesture that would bring us together romantically and signal about her unconditional approval of my life of crime.”

Another fan general a flashback to the time they met the actor in a coffee shop, calling him an “icon”.

“I once saw Ray Liotta in a coffee shop with Damien Chazelle loudly praising Chazelle to strangers at other tables: “See this guy? Do you know who he is? Go watch Whip! Brilliant director! I’m going to make a movie with him!

“Charged icon. TEAR.”

And not only Liotta’s films, but also his lines remained in people’s memory…

“Ray Liotta’s speech: ‘How could I go to school after that, swear allegiance to the flag, and hatch good government bullshit?’ burned into my brain for most of my life,” another fan tweeted.

“No one really wanted to be a gangster. Everyone just wanted to be Ray Liotta.” – Another wrote.

We couldn’t help but agree!

It’s easy to see why so many people love the talented actor who rose to fame after his first role as Ray Sinclair in a black comedy. Something wild back in 1986.

Liotta was nominated for a Golden Globe shortly after the film’s release for his role as an ex-con.

Since then, his success has only grown when he landed his next role in the 1988 film. Dominic and Eugene.

His most recent work, however, includes the critically acclaimed film marriage history, in which he played the lawyer for Adam Driver’s character, released in 2019.

Liotta also appeared in Many saints of Newark in 2021, which was a prequel to the crime drama series Soprano.

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He recently completed work on cocaine bearThe new film directed by Elizabeth Banks will be released in 2023.

He reportedly died in the Dominican Republic, where he was filming a film called Dangerous waters.

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His fiancee, Jaycee Nittolo, was also on the set of the film when he died.

Despite numerous cult roles, his co-star field of dreamsKevin Costner shared something incredible about a scene in the film…

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He tweeted: Devastated to hear the news of Ray Liotta’s passing. Despite the fact that he left an incredible legacy, he will forever remain “Barefoot Joe Jackson” in my heart. What happened at that point in the movie was true. God gave us this trick. Now God has Ray.”

Liotta trained with USC baseball coach Rod Dedo for his role in the movie…

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And surprisingly, even though he had no baseball experience, what swing was all Liotta.

Even though it was one of the most memorable moments, Liotta spoke at the time about how it wasn’t perfect because he was right-handed and Jackson was left-handed.

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In accordance with New York PostLiotta said: “To this day, I regret it because I am a beetle making sure everything is right.

“It used to be Monday Night Baseball and they were talking about the movie and what a great movie it was and some announcer who will not be named said, ‘Yeah, but Barefoot Joe hit the wrong way.’ Well, he didn’t come down from heaven either, so…”

TMZ learned that he had died in his sleep, and there was nothing suspicious about the death.

Rest in peace, Ray Liotta.

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