Hearts all over the world break for Robert Irwin

Robert Irwin can’t seem to get over the unwanted comments from followers, and after watching his latest TikTok video, people begging take a break from social media.

Tiktok recently went viral for a girl mimicking fan reactions to Robert Irwin’s posts.

And what she had to say is heartbreaking.

It seems that no matter what Robert achieves, people always find a way to tone it down.

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Fans are starting to point out how exhausting this must be for him.

Some even suggested that he take a break from social media…

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For your own sanity.

Scroll on to find out why the recent Tiktok went viral…

Now we all know Robert Irwin as the son of the late Steve Irwin.

And fans of the Irvine family around the world over the past decade have rejoiced that Robert has followed in his father’s footsteps, working tirelessly at the family’s Australian zoo with his mother Terry and sister Bindi.

Now Steve Irwin was, and stillAustralian National Treasure.

The Australian was best known for his popular TV show. crocodile hunterand he was a strong advocate for the conservation and protection of animal rights.

crocodile hunter was known for Steve’s unconventional approach to wildlife…

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In total, the series aired 64 episodes over 5 seasons, from 1997 to 2004.

He clearly had a passion for conservation.

And Steve would go to great lengths, both on and off camera, to protect Australia’s wildlife.

His love for all beings was evident…

And that is why the whole world loved him so much.

In 1992, Steve married the love of his life.

Terri is an American-born writer and conservationist who now resides in Queensland, Australia.

Terry co-starred with Steve in crocodile hunter

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And it was easy to see that the couple was made for each other.

Shortly thereafter, they started their family.

Bindi Irwin was born in 1998 and Robert Irwin was born in 2003 – and it must be said, they did cute a family.

Both Bindi and Robert showed the same passion as their father…

And he took up the job at such a young age.

Unfortunately, in 2006 things changed for the worse…

Steve filmed a documentary series on the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. deadliest ocean September 4, when he was stung in the chest by a wild stingray while snorkeling.

It soon became clear that it was a fatal bite.

While Steve thought he only had a punctured lung, the stingray spike actually pierced his heart, causing the conservationist to quickly pass out.

Unfortunately, he died from his injuries.

“Even if we had been able to get him to the intensive care unit at that moment, we probably would not have been able to save him because his heart was badly damaged.

“While we are driving back, I yell to one of the crew members in the boat to put his hand on the wound, and we tell him something like: “Think of your children, Steve, hold on, hold on.” .’

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“He just calmly looked at me and said, ‘I’m dying. And that was the last thing he said, ”one of the underwater operators tragically responded. remembered“.

As soon as they returned Steve to the main boat, the operator gave him artificial respiration for an hour …

But, unfortunately, shortly after that, paramedics pronounced him dead.

The news was devastating to all who knew and loved him…

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And, of course, the family he left behind.

Terry and their children had a hard time coping with this loss…

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But over the years Terri raised her children to remember their father, and they all worked together to honor Steve’s legacy while continuing to care for the animals at the Australian Zoo.

Years later, Robert and his sister Bindi only speak of the fond memories they shared with their father…

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And there is a lot of of them!

Terry and Steve’s children have grown into inspiring adults…

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Bindi is twenty-four and Robert is eighteen, and it’s amazing to see the couple pursuing careers in conservation and zoology just like their father.

Robert is a lot like his father…

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And he has made numerous appearances on American television promoting the Australian Zoo and the work he and his family do for wildlife.

Most recently, he paid tribute to his father on Father’s Day.

“I had the best dad in the world. Thinking about him and remembering nothing but funny moments, he wrote on TikTok.

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Sharing a nice montage, Robert put together clips of fond memories he shared with his father.

Addendum: “I hope you all had a great Father’s Day in the USA, sending love to those who couldn’t celebrate with their father” which, if you ask us, touched our deepest feelings!

really he very busy eighteen year old…

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And instead of spending his free time partying and playing video games, Robert loves to campaign for the conservation and rights of animals, especially animals in Australia… just like his father.

But a video of him meeting a crocodile went viral in February of this year after many were appalled by his lack of respect for the animal…

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People were shocked by the level of “cruelty” displayed by Robert.

Robert was seen trying to feed one of the zoo’s crocodiles named Casper when he was nearly attacked…

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Casper completely ignored all the food that was used to distract him from Robert and instead repeatedly tried to hit him.

As a result, the goalkeeper shouted: “Kick, hit, hit!!!” who saw fellow caretakers rush into the enclosure to help him.

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Fortunately, neither Robert nor Kasper were hurt!

Robert then posted the video to Instagram, captioning it: “Finale.”Screams! it’s the irwins‘ is on now at 20:00 US time, so watch out!

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“We definitely saved the best for last, including one of the most intense crocodile feedings I have ever done! We prioritize the natural behavior of our crocodiles. By getting into their enclosures with them and allowing them to deliver those huge kicks from the water’s edge, they can use all their predatory instincts and they just love it!

He concluded: “In addition, we can tell everyone about saving them. But security is also critical to us, and you should definitely know when to call. And with a crocodile as powerful and fast as Casper, we had no choice but to jump!”

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But after he shared his post, many criticized the keeper for his actions, saying that he is “using animals for fun.”

Robert has since responded to those comments by speaking with hosts Karl Stefanovich and Allison Langdon on Tuesday. Today show.

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“Everything always explodes and turns into a huge thing,” said Robert.

“It’s an adrenaline rush for me, it’s an exciting experience, but personally, I feel closest to my father when I work with the animals he loved.”

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Robert continued: “So many of our crocodiles are originals that we have been working with since day one. I am honored to continue this legacy.

“Yes, they are dangerous, but they are amazing creatures that deserve our respect.”

Now that Robert is only 18 years old, he has millions of followers on social media…

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Including TikTok, whose clips have almost 19 million likes.

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And many are beginning to point out how inappropriate this is.

TikToker @sa99ymaggie recently imitated a typical response to one of Robert’s videos.

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As fans have suggested, it’s not always good to mention his dad under every post…

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Before saying, “Your dad is dead.”

The recent TikTok has been viewed 4.8 million times…

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And people went to the comment section to agree with her point of view…

While another wrote: “NO SERIOUSLY LIKE hi guys I saved a snake today”, “oh my god remember when your dad died tragically and you were still a kid? it sucks!”

“Yeah, like I’m pretty sure he already knows the guys.” wrote a third.

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Some even suggested that he take his mind off social media because of the comments.

Hearts have been broken for him as Father’s Day has just passed and the comments must be getting overwhelming for him.

On June 20, Robert took to Instagram to share a tribute to his father. writing: “It’s very important to remember and cherish all the special moments.”

Despite his optimistic approach to a heartbreaking situation, he doesn’t need to be reminded every day that he lost his father.

You can watch the viral video here.

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