Helena Christensen pays tribute to Michael Hutchence after head injury allegation

Danish supermodel Helena Christensen has paid tribute to her late ex-boyfriend Michael Hutchence days after his sister accused her of not telling his family about the head injury he suffered.

The 53-year-old supermodel, who dated rocker INXS for four years in the early 1990s after he split from Kylie Minogue, took to Instagram to share a series of flashbacks commemorating the 25th anniversary of his d*ath.


The black and white shots show her and Hutchence hugging topless while posing for the camera.

In the caption, Christensen wrote, “Hi Michael, just got off the phone with some of your friends who all love you so much.

“We shared some great memories and of course we laughed a lot because being around you was so fun and joyful.

“You made everyone feel alive and loved, there was always such a magical light around you ~ a light that will never go out.

“Thank you @fabrizioferriofficial for sharing these contact lists with me.”


Hutchence committed suic*de in a Sydney hotel room at the age of 37.

The post came after Hutchence’s half-sister Tina lashed out at Christensen for not sharing the information that the INXS star suffered a head injury while on holiday in Denmark in 1992.


Tina Hutchence said the family only learned that her famous brother suffered a head injury in a taxi driver att*ck on the road three years ago. The musician died in 1997.

The rocker’s grieving sister said she was still “angry” at Christensen for not telling the star’s family what happened to him.

“I know that Michael was so happy with Helena and there was a time when I couldn’t imagine that they wouldn’t be together,” she said.Sun.

“But I got angry when I first learned about the att*ck, as I felt it was my duty to say something to his family.”

Tina spoke of the family’s distress over “horror stories” about the star after his d*ath, including that he died as a result of an unsuccessful intercourse, adding that she believed he would still be alive if it weren’t for brain injury.

“All these horror stories about Michael went around after his d*ath, so it was wrong of Helena not to tell us about the head injury.

She was very close to our parents and could easily contact them,” she said. “I’m sure if Michael hadn’t been in that accident in Denmark, he would still be with us today.”

It comes after U2 frontman Bono recently opened up about his tumultuous friendship with Hutchence and partner Paula Yates.

In my memoirs Surrender: 40 songs, one story Bono wrote that he and his wife, Eli Hewson, were close to the couple, but that all changed when Hutchence and Yates began heavy drug use.

He writes that they fell into a “free fall – spiraling down a whirlwind of recreational drug use that has become hard work for everyone, especially their family, especially the younger ones.”

“Because their behavior changed, our friendship became strained and we became uneasy during their visits.”

He says the friendship ended forever after Hutchence and Yates asked Bono and Hewson to be godparents to their daughter, Tiger Lily, born in 1996.

Bono says the couple were so “p*ssed off” by the couple’s drug use that they declined the offer, hoping it would help them rethink their choice.

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