Hellraiser star Goran Visnjic’s favorite movie in the franchise might surprise you

Actor Goran Visnjic, best known for his breakout role on ER as well as The Boys and others, told us that he watched many of the early Hellraiser sequels when he was younger. “When I was a teenager, [I saw them] at my local video club, still on VHS tapes,” he recalled. [‘Hellraiser: Bloodline’]in my teenage mind was my favorite,” he said.


Hellraiser: Bloodline, released in 1996, was the last of the series to be shown in theaters, and also the last in which Clive Barker himself was directly involved before the new reboot. The action takes place in three time frames – 18th century, present and 2127 – “Bloodline” really shows a space station that is built like a giant new puzzle box to destroy the cenobites.

The film suffered from budget cuts, last-minute rewrites, crew turnover, and ruthless editing by the studio (Dimension Films), which cut the original 110-minute cut to 85 minutes. The director, Kevin Yager, even dropped his name from the final product (via “Hellraiser Films and Their Legacy”). BUT movie theater b*mb as well as with the critics “Pedigree” has because it was overrated as an ambitious project damaged by studio meddling.

“I’m a big sci-fi fan,” Visnjic said of his assessment of the film. “They built this space station and there was a lot of history associated with it as well. She was very operatic and I liked her. favorites”.

Hellraiser is now available on Hulu.


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