Henrietta Lacks’ Family Filed A Lawsuit Against Biotechnical Company

Roommate, it has been decades since Henrietta Locks’ cell was used for research without her consent, and her children are fighting and trying to get justice. According to CNN, His family sued Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. for illegal enrichment and profits from its tissue samples and cell line.

If you are not familiar with Henrietta, she was a black woman who lived in Baltimore and was diagnosed with cervical cancer. Following his diagnosis, he removed tissue from her cervix without her consent during a procedure at Johns Hopkins Hospital in 1951. Unfortunately, a year later, Henrietta died of cancer at the age of 31.

Henrietta’s story gained popularity when Oprah Winfrey Executive produced the 2017 film “The Immortal Life of Henrietta Locks” based on the 2010 novel by Rebecca Slot. The film details how Hella Cells allowed scientists to develop the ability to use and make life-saving drugs for polio vaccines, in vitro fertilization and gene mapping. In addition, she helped with cancer and AIDS research.

Attorney Benjamin Krump. He is representing the Kami family and publicly criticizing the company. The lawsuit against Thermo Fisher Scientific alleges that the company was deliberately profiting from the “illegal practices” of Johns Hopkins doctors and that its “illegitimate benefits were rightly linked to Ms. Lex Estate.” In addition, the suit argues that the company is consciously choosing to sell and mass-produce Henrietta Locks live tissue. A black woman, grandmother and community leader, despite the corporation’s knowledge that Ms. Locks’ tissue was taken from her without the permission of Johns Hopkins Hospital doctors and a racially unfair medical system.

The lawsuit alleges that Thermo Fisher sold at least 12 products, including Hella Cell Line. According to their website, the company currently has an annual revenue of about 35 billion. The US House of Representatives and Johns Hopkins have spoken publicly about the wrongdoing of Hilla Sales and Henrietta Locks, so we’ll see what the judge decides in this case. Roommate, we’ll keep you updated as more information becomes available.

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