Here are 14 conspiracy theories I researched and some of them turned out to be true.

Since the Mafia (“Cosa Nostra”) was created, people say that these mobs actually work for their country’s government. This theory actually has a simple origin: the Mafia used to place its members in positions of power within the government, but that doesn’t mean the criminals work for the government, does it? Well, at least until the day they actually did.

This myth is true: the Mafia has actually worked for the US government on several occasions, one of the most famous being during World War II. America entered World War somewhat by surprise, its defense system was not yet complete. Knowing that enemy soldiers had begun to infiltrate America through the city’s ports, they knew they needed some form of defense against them. And who was the “owner” of these ports except the mafia? The government then asked the criminals for help in an agreement that the Mafia would protect the ports, ensure that all workers would end the strike, and provide information to the Americans, who in turn were swindled. Luciano’s sentence will be commuted. .

After the war, Lucky wanted his promised freedom, but the government lied and denied that he had the help of the Mafia to win the war, adding to conspiracy theories surrounding the incident, but official documents revealed the truth. K: Luciano is released and exiled to Italy.

Other times the Mafia worked for the government included assassinations of Fidel Castro and Operation Husky, the name given to the invasion of Sicily.

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