Here are 45 stupid but good reasons to not date someone shared in this online group

Writer and cartoonist Scott Adams once remarked that “Nothing characterizes people more than their willingness to do irrational things in pursuit of phenomenally unlikely gains. It’s the principle behind lotteries, dating and religion.”

And while lotteries can be explained in terms of numbers, and religion can be explained in terms of philosophy, dating, relationships and love in general are tough nuts. But some still try to explain themselves when it comes to dating, even if their reasoning is petty.

Not so long ago people on Reddit common causes– small, but more or less legal or fair some, and sometimes just weird, not to date someone. And if you’ve been here long enough, you know we covered a similar topic not too long ago, so you might want to check it out once you’re done with this one.

So, scroll down to enjoy some of the best and most interesting replies to the now viral thread that has garnered over 36,000 votes, and don’t forget to share your little “never date this person” stories in the comments section below.

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I can’t date anyone with lip injections. Kissing her was unnatural. How to kiss a baboon with rigor mortis.

RealGrendel , *highlimitzz Report

room temperature I.Q. My wife once told me that she couldn’t be with someone who didn’t have the same level of intelligence as her. I have no idea how I’m going to keep the secret that I’m a fucking idiot for the rest of my life.

saw a wolf , Andrea ParrishGeyer Report

So, are you a Virgo...? In the signs of the zodiac and the like. To the point of being reminded what sign you are, which in some way affects who you are and your character traits, lol.

Slug212 , pxhere Report

"God told me..." I had a boyfriend who broke up with me in high school because God told him… I was like, “Well, okay, I guess I can’t argue with that.”

VelikyPancake , Mikael Faccio Report

pizza food "Separately" She ate pizza with her hands. No, not the way you think. She collected stuffing in a chaotic pile and, like an animal, grabbed them and ate them, then tore the bread and ate it. We were in a trendy Italian restaurant and I was horrified.

Breadfruit , Sam Delong Report

So, who wants to talk about religion and politics? People who are too fond of “arguing”. I’m all for having my own opinion, but when does someone think they have to be the devil’s advocate all the time? No, thanks.

sylvie8991 , Mussy Katz Report

apple juice is life I instantly turned down an otherwise perfect blind date when she ordered apple juice—off the menu—at a trendy restaurant. At 19, I only knew apple juice as a drink for toddlers, and I just couldn’t get past it.

I’m not so petty anymore. But one day, many years ago, I made the mistake of mentioning this to my wife. And now she has a habit of ordering apple juice whenever we go to a trendy restaurant, just to see if I don’t writhe.

pbspry , Glenn Robinson Report

Not Quite a Man of the Outdoors She insisted on staying at home. She lived with about 6 people and they always had friends. I felt like a boyfriend on Friends or Seinfeld.

NewEnglandRoastBeef , Phil! Gold Report

I'm reading a book, man, don't ever interrupt me while I'm reading a book! I almost broke up with a girl when she tried to seduce me, snatched my book from my hands and closed it, losing her place.

superopia , Alan Cleaver Report

Miranda Lambert - Saint I ended my relationship with a guy for various reasons, but the most annoying thing was how many times he told me that “he would leave me for Miranda Lambert in the blink of an eye.” Okay, I understand that some people have a “list” of celebrities they would leave their S/O to, mostly as a joke. But it was like every day, just randomly said, unrelated to the conversations we had at the time, and he meant it. He made sure I understood that if, for some godforsaken reason, Miranda Lambert walked in through the front door, I would disappear.

Kiasurp17 , Mirandalambert Report

Question about everything She did this with her voice, with every sentence she said ending with a question mark.

Addendum: as many people have asked, she was not Australian. She is American.

Pennaflumen , Ivan Radic Report

Not fast and not furious enough She said I drove slowly on our date. She likes men who live “dangerously”.

It was snowing heavily when we were at a fancy dinner. I was in my father’s car because I had just returned from Iraq.

She called me a week later, I said that I needed a more down to earth woman.

S*****nwithmykitten , Nicolas Vigier Report

I don't know how food works He ate with his fists around the dish like a toddler and put his face right up to the food as if someone was about to steal it.

Fairgen , Donnie Ray Jones Report

selfiegram If their Instagram is nothing but a selfie, especially if they strike the same pose in every picture. I had such a match, and, frankly, it scared me.

Ellemeno , Cesar Report

Ugh White saliva collects at the edge of the mouth. I may forgive or overlook many things, but this is an instant turnaround.

Edit: Every day is a school day! Apparently this could be a sign of dehydration or be related to another condition I’ve seen called angular cheilitis.

PlasticFannyTastic , Ralph Steinberger Report

Say Rukh! My grandparents were very southern. When I was a child, I spent the night at their house and heard how they … struggle. I heard my grandfather say my grandmother’s name, Sarah, but in his accent he said, “Oh, say roo!”

I met a girl named Sarah who was also from the south. When she introduced herself as “Sai-ru”, I had to protest. It just gave me heebie jeebies.

Sp3nc3r420 , Vladimir Pustovit Report

I will eat whatever I want and when I want They have a fatal allergy to nuts.

The idea of ​​never eating Nutella or Snickers again or risking killing your partner with a kiss is too much.

content- , Cowbell Solo Report

Dyson = extravagance My boss’s daughter’s ex-boyfriend broke up with her because they had a Dyson and he said he couldn’t keep up with her extravagant lifestyle.

4645 dirhams , Nick Richards Report

arm-swinging.exe not found I broke up with a beautiful girl when I was younger because she didn’t swing her arms when she walked. It just looked weird and reminded me of a gorilla. Really stupid reason I know, but it just looked so stupid that I couldn’t get over it.

Macklemonster , Gareth Williams Report

Competitive skills It wasn’t my pettiness, but the girl I went on a few dates with didn’t want to date me because she wanted to be “artistic” in a relationship and she was worried that I, being a musician, would ruin that for her.

Edit: I didn’t go too deep into it, it was just a couple of dates. I don’t feel bad for her. She was a pretty good person lol. Besides, music is not my career, but rather a passionate hobby. I work in IT during the day.

teronaldchase , Matthew O’Thompsonsky Report

I grew up as a fairly sheltered white child in a very white American suburb. When I was in my early 20s, I went on an occupied date with a guy named Manuel, and while I had several good reasons for not going on a third date, I’m embarrassed to admit that I distinctly remember feeling weird about the prospect of going into relationship with a guy named Manuel because it was weird for me to pronounce his name. Yes, I was SO protected.

Akmost 15 years later, having lived the last 8 years of my life in a South Asian country and 5 years of committed relationship with a man from that country whose name is as far from white/western culture as can be, I cringe. so hard on the thought process that I had at the time

Dangerous_Miracle_883 Report

Looking ahead I dated a guy and he pulled out Sudafed nasal spray. Said he had bad sinuses. I also had Sudafed and bad sinuses. I decided to shorten it so as not to breed a chronic runny nose.

NotAFerretSmiling , NIAID Report

Years ago, I stopped dating someone when I realized they had weird nails.

*edited to add – weird as pinched fingers – so it must have been medical or genetic issues – which makes me a 20 year old conceited motherfucker *****th!!

crazikatcristy01 Report

I didn’t like the way she ate the grilled cheese sandwich.

There were more reasons, but this was the decisive factor.

Sammif977 Report

She was too aggressively normal.

Edit: I meant she was way too sane and level headed. Someone like this is obviously hiding /something/.

Exodite1273 Report

I was replying to the message for a long time, but I read the message and answered in one word.

Reader Catz Report

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