Here are the 68 winning images from the Bird Photographer of the Year 2022 awards

I’m sure most of you will agree that birds are fascinating. I mean, they can fly! And not only that. Have you ever seen the Vogelkop majestic bird of paradise dance, watched a flock of flamingos stand gracefully on one leg, or witnessed an eagle hunting? If that’s not charming, I don’t know what is.

For all you bird lovers out there, we present to you the winners of The Bird Photographer of the Year, 2022! This global photography competition is dedicated entirely to avian photography and is open to a wide range of photographers, “a die-hard pro, hobbyist with the latest kit, or just a camera phone or small compact camera enthusiast.” “

This year, a jury of leading experts had the difficult task of selecting the most incredible images celebrating bird life from around the world from over 20,000 submissions. Scroll down to meet the winners!

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