Here are the best and worst dressed celebrities at this year’s Emmys

The biggest night in Hollywood for all things TV didn’t disappoint thanks to several historic moments. Some of the biggest stars of the day came to Los Angeles to see who would emerge victorious at the 74th annual Primetime Emmy Awards.

As always, celebrities didn’t let us down on yesterday’s red carpet, so let’s start with the best…


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This red dress almost looks like a bouquet of roses!

Christina Ricci…

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Gorgeous, brilliant and fabulous!

Sandra Oh…

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This sequined, draped suit looks amazing.

Lily James…

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She almost looks like a figurine!

Jung Ho Young…

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The hair accessory is just the icing on the cake.

Hannah Waddingham…

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Like a delicious frothy strawberry milkshake – yum!

Sydney Sweeney…

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This extra clutter adds fun to the retro look.

Melanie Lynskey…

GettyImages 1423199130.jpg.optimal
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Vision in the artsy sea foam.


GettyImages 1423241769.jpg.optimal
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Now it’s just done Correctly.

Julia Garner…

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It’s unusual, but still classically beautiful!

Kaley Cuoco…

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She looks like a Barbie doll Best path!

Laura Linney…

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The sculpted layers of this monochrome dress are perfect.

Sheryl Lee Ralph…

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Bonus points for hair and bright orange lining!

Zuri Hall…

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She looks like a real fairy!

Sydney Washington…

GettyImages 1423259078.jpg.optimal
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A floating delight that looks like a jellyfish!

Sofia Vergara…

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True vintage Hollywood glamour.

MJ Delaney…

GettyImages 1423229195.jpg.optimal
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Not for everyone, but we think she looks like a beautiful orange tulip!

Jennifer Coolidge…

GettyImages 1423231977.jpg.optimal
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A cross between a scarab beetle and a really fancy curtain at best.

Jasmine Savoy…

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You must love the black leather sculptural moment.

Victoria Thompson…

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This shimmery citrine pleated material is a feast for the eyes!

Sarah Snook…

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It’s not exactly groundbreaking, but oh my god, it’s beautiful!

Rosario Dawson…

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She could look good in anything, but this dress is just stunning.

Chrissy Teigen…

GettyImages 1423243416.jpg.optimal
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Glitter + clear coat = a winning look in our eyes!

Nicole Bayer…

GettyImages 1423245167.jpg.optimal
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She just looks so happy – and that’s always the key to a winning outfit!

Alexandra Daddario…

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Pure glamor is sometimes all we want from the red carpet.

Samantha Hanratty…

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This pistachio green shade looks great on her!

Cherien Dabis…

GettyImages 1423255089.jpg.optimal
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Sometimes a good shoulder pad is all we need!

But with the best dressed come the worst…

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So let’s take a look at some celebrities who just missed the mark…

Sarah Paulson…

GettyImages 1423236609.jpg.optimal
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There are too many forms here!

Rhea Seehorn…

GettyImages 1423200232.jpg.optimal
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To us, it’s just like a pair of fall curtains.

Keely Hawes…

GettyImages 1423197558.jpg.optimal
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Maybe cute, but the length is a little church.

Selena Gomez…

GettyImages 1423211663.jpg.optimal
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It manages to be boring at the same time. as well as unsuitable.

Natasha Rothwell…

GettyImages 1423189129.jpg.optimal
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If Lizzo’s is what you order online, this dress is what actually comes…

Kristen Schaal…

GettyImages 1423242997.jpg.optimal
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Bordered on the side of a Halloween costume.

Quinta Brunson…

GettyImages 1423241363.jpg.optimal
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We just don’t think the top and bottom of this dress don’t match!

Megan Stalter…

GettyImages 1423188023.jpg.optimal
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To be honest, we love it, but we understand why it will be divisive!

Gene Smart…

GettyImages 1423241430.jpg.optimal
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We don’t hate it – but we certainly don’t love it.

Connie Britton…

GettyImages 1423262974.jpg.optimal
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Take off the cape and you’ll have a totally cute look!

Ashley Yee…

GettyImages 1423244596.jpg.optimal
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For us, it’s just a robe…

Reese Witherspoon…

GettyImages 1423203634.jpg.optimal
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Poor fit plus uncomfortable length.

Desi Lydic…

GettyImages 1423253246.jpg.optimal
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We literally forgot about this dress…

Molly Shannon…

GettyImages 1423227098.jpg.optimal
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An odd combination of blazer and dress that just doesn’t work.

Stephanie Robinson…

GettyImages 1423249548.jpg.optimal
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It creates a Halloween vibe – and not in a good way.

Alex Borstein…

GettyImages 1423224241.jpg.optimal
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Brown spandex is generally an odd choice.

Shonda Rhimes…

GettyImages 1423236580.jpg.optimal
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it Great we guess – but we’re bored!

Jordana Mollik…

GettyImages 1423260108.jpg.optimal
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We get a floating, layered thing, but this one looks sad and flat.

Amanda Seyfried…

GettyImages 1423229445.jpg.optimal
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We like glitter, but shape doesn’t give us anything!

Elle Fanning…

GettyImages 1423222450.jpg.optimal
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Did she just forget to let her hair down?

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