Here’s all the latest information about Princess Beatrice’s new baby girl.

Princess Beatrice. Welcomes her first child! Shahi and her new husband. Eduardo Maple Socks. On Saturday evening, he greeted his daughter just before midnight UK time. The baby weighed 6lb 2oz and was born in Chelsea and Westminster Hospital, London.

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The child, currently 11th on the throne, is the Queen’s 12th grandson, and the Duke of York’s second grandson. The child and his cousin, August., The first child born after the death of the Duke of Edinburgh after the arrival of Sussex’s daughter للیبیٹ۔ In June.

Let’s all know about the newborn and take a look at who is commenting on this latest royal birth.

A small background.

Princess Beatrice, 33, is the granddaughter of the Queen and the first daughter of Prince Andrew, Duke of York. Although she does some family work, she is not a full-time royal, and instead works as a business consultant in London. She married her beautiful husband, Eduardo, 38, in July last year to close family and friends under coveted restrictions – she had to delay her marriage more than once. twice The Queen and the late Prince Philip were present to obey government rules, and the bride wore a modified dress that belonged to the first queen.

Eduardo Maple Mozi, or ‘Edo’ as he is known privately, has been a longtime friend of the Beatrice family, and is a successful property developer who belongs to the elite. He and Beatrice began dating back in 2018, and got engaged in 2019 after a stormy romance while vacationing in the English National Park Lake District. Edo already has a young son, Christopher Wolf, or ‘Wolfie’, his former partner, the American architect Dara Huang. Beatrice and her new daughter are the couple’s first child.

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Beatrice announced the royal birth via Twitter.

Beatrice wrote on Twitter to share the news of the birth, ‘It was a great pleasure to share the news of our daughter’s safe arrival at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital, London on Saturday 18 September 2021 at 23.42pm. Thanks to the midwife team and everyone at the hospital for their wonderful care. ‘

We haven’t seen a picture of the baby yet, but they will follow soon.

What did Buckingham Palace say?

The Princess’ post was released by Buckingham Palace just minutes after the statement.

The grandparents of the new baby have all been informed and are happy with the news. The family would like to thank all the staff of the hospital for their excellent care. Her royal greatness and her child are both performing well, and the couple is looking forward to reuniting their daughter with her older brother, Christopher Wolf.

Beatrice’s sister Eugene shared her congratulations.

Beatrice’s sister, Princess Eugenie, who welcomed her first child, son August, earlier this year, took to Instagram to share her joy at the news of the birth.

Sharing two sweet photos of Beatrice and Edu, he wrote:

For my lovely baby and Ado … congratulations to your new angel. I can’t wait to meet him and I’m proud of you. We will enjoy watching our children grow up. I love Yug. ‘

And also wrote to the new child:

To my new niece

I already love you and think you are great with photos .. we will have a lot of fun

Love your aunty ‘

Do we still know the names?

Ok no But this is perfectly normal. Although the birth of royal children is usually announced through official statements and notices on display outside Buckingham Palace, it usually takes a little longer for the name to be made public. Some days are normal, but the wait can often be longer than a week, giving parents time to share names with family and friends. When Prince Charles was born back in 1948, the people had to wait. month Before they hear the baby’s name.

There is a lot of speculation as to what name Beatrice and Edu will choose for their daughter. Elizabeth, who pays tribute to Beatrice’s grandmother, is a standout favorite, including Arabella, Francesca, Florence (mostly Italian), and Matilda. The classic royal names Victoria and Margaret are also mentioned, but there are few difficulties.

What will be the title of the child?

This we know! The little girl will not receive any royal titles from her mother, because only the king’s children and grandchildren are entitled to the titles of prince and princess through the man. However, it has been announced that she will inherit from her father, an Italian Count, entitled ‘Noble Donna’, which translates as Noble Woman.

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Luckily a little pink bundle that represents an ancient kingdom that most of us don’t really understand.

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