Here’s an unpopular opinion about Thor’s future in the MCU

Hey, do you know how you can make one of the franchise’s most beloved superhero teams look like complete assholes? Thor: Love and Thunder knows and does just that with the Guardians of the Galaxy in its opening moments.

In their own films, the Guardians may be ineffective, but they are still a powerful group that have saved countless planets and take down giant monsters as an easy exercise. Here they turn into mildly disappointed spectators as Thor gleefully breaks through an enemy force that the Guardians have clearly been fighting for quite some time. This is clearly not the first time something like this has happened, because Star-Lord (Chris Pratt) knows Thor’s pre-fight catchphrase by heart.

However, this is not really Thor: Love and Thunder’s fault. Thor starts in the MCU as a powerful being who can seriously challenge just about anyone. In movies like Thor: Ragnarok and Avengers: Infinity War, he gets a number of extra power boosts that effectively turn him into a strange, literal deus ex machina. By the time Love and Thunder arrives, he’s been traveling through different worlds as he pleases, casually defeating Zeus (Russell Crowe) and even turning Gorr’s hostages into an army of mini Thors.

It’s a lot. All the new MCU heroes who replace the original Avengers have little chance of proving their worth in a universe where a Norse supergod can just take a couple of random kids and give them Thor’s powers whenever a supervillain attacks. Oh sure, the MCU might find a way to strip him of his powers, but that would just be a repeat of the same path as the original Thor movie. The only truly viable solution to the problem is to walk away from this version of Thor, or perhaps take on the role of a passive mentor, as Odin (Anthony Hopkins) did.

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