Here’s how long Jessica Alba and Cash Warren’s wedding lasted.

Actress Jessica Alba And producer Cash Warren. Definitely one of those Hollywood couples who have somehow managed to stay together for more than a decade – and they’re still getting stronger. In the world of the rich and famous, most marriages end in divorce, but Alba and Warren seem to have discovered how to keep a marriage alive, even with a busy career and three children.

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From their weekly date nights to believing that the honeymoon phase is over – keep scrolling to find out the secret to a healthy and happy married life!

The couple has been married for more than 13 years.

Jessica Alba And Cash Warren began dating in August 2004 and the two were engaged in December 2007. On May 19, 2008, Alba and Warren tied the knot and have been happily married ever since. Together, they have three children – daughters Honor Marie, born in June 2008, and Haven Garner born in August, and a son, Hayes, born in December 2017.

They constantly work on not granting each other.

Of course, since the two have been together since 2004, it’s certainly easy to forget that relationships don’t last forever. Here Jessica Alba revealed Constantly remembering that no one is granted:

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“We have, of course, friendships, comforts, like, ‘You’re not going anywhere’, and so sometimes you don’t treat people well, right? You don’t understand their feelings along the way. Consider the feelings of others.

When it comes to parents, they are on the same page.

Agreeing that raising their children has definitely been important for Alba and Warren and both have always made sure they are on the same page. Here Cash Warren revealed:

“One thing that Jessica and I have 100 align to is that we’re not picking ** holes. If they deviate from the line, we won’t stand for it. We’re trying to maintain our values.” The parents taught us. ”

They both fully support each other’s careers.

Jessica Alba He has been a major figure in Hollywood since the early 2000’s and is a co-founder of The Heinst Company, while Cash Warren is a film and television producer. The two have been very supportive of each other’s work and Warren even pointed it out. An Instagram caption. For his 11-year birthday:

“We’re still learning, growing, laughing, and falling in love. Here’s how to make the best version of ourselves to move on with each other for a lifetime and catch each other when we fall. ۔ ”

Both have regular date nights.

With their busy schedules and three children, making time for each other is definitely not always easy. However, Jessica Alba And Cash Warren has found a way to do that. Here What did Alba reveal?:

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“After we got the award, we definitely set the date nights, which doesn’t seem to be romantic. Now, we have Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights off where we don’t do any work. We can go to the movies one night, we have a family dinner night where everyone helps, and usually one of those nights is just me and Cash. ”

And they still work on their relationship.

Both stars know that marriage doesn’t necessarily mean ‘after happiness’, which is why they prefer their relationship. Here What Jessica Alba Said:

“If you don’t take the time to connect on the night of this date, you may find yourself going through the motions. When you have three children, or even if you have only one child. So kids schedule is a priority, your work is a priority, it seems that everything takes precedence over what should be the most important thing: your partnership, and the life you make together. The thing is, as something that needs to be worked on and treated well and it should be cared for as it should be. ”

They keep their private lives out of the spotlight.

While Jessica Alba and Cash Warren are in the spotlight due to their careers, they keep their family and love life mostly private. Both share bits here and there on social media, but they certainly know that giving the public too much insight into their private lives can have a detrimental effect on their relationship.

After all, they know that relationships change constantly – and that’s normal.

It’s no secret that the honeymoon phase doesn’t last forever and awareness of it has definitely helped the two stars to accept their relationship as it is. Here What Jessica Alba Said:

“It’s all pink for two and a half years. But then after that, you become a roommate. You’re just moving. You have responsibilities, it’s a lot, like, checking the boxes, okay.” ? ”

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