Here’s how much Bob Iger gets paid to return to Disney

Following the announcement that Bob Iger would return as CEO of Disney, Hollywood Reporter published a report detailing the financial terms of his new contract. Notably, Iger’s annual salary and bonus are lower than what he earned during his previous tenure as CEO, both of which are $1 million. To make up for this discrepancy, Iger must earn exponentially more based on performance rewards. In total, Iger’s contract is valued at $27 million for each year he signed to lead the company, though that’s just an estimate reflecting what he’s likely to get. An unexpectedly lucrative year for Disney could mean a big paycheck, and failing to meet certain goals could earn him less than that figure.


For what it’s worth, Iger has to earn about $25 million on top of his $2 million salary, and the bonus consists of both RSUs – or restricted stock, which refers to company stock that can only be transferred after certain conditions are met – and options. shares, provided that Iger stays with Disney until the scheduled end date of December 31, 2024.

As detailed Reuters, one of Iger’s first duties will likely be figuring out how to cut costs on the Disney+ streaming service. Thus, the exact amount of Iger’s compensation will ultimately depend on whether such actions benefit Disney.

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