Here’s how the 1905 Little Nemo comic inspired Netflix’s ‘Dreamland’

One notable difference between the comic and Netflix’s Dreamland is that Nemo has changed from a little boy to a girl. The character teaming up with Jason Momoa’s Flip to find her late father is also original to the film. Also, the comic book and movie share the same concept of a child named Nemo who finds himself in a dream world full of fantasy creatures and adventures.


Francis Lawrence also noted in an interview that the character Flip drew inspiration not only from the comic but also from Lawrence, Momoa, and costume designer Trish Summerville, although the character still goes by the same name in both the strip and the movie.

“I didn’t have much knowledge of the source material, so I started working on Flip again. I knew that I wanted Jason to play this role because I knew that he personally had a lot of elements to play. such a character,” the director said. Wrapperadding the trio together created a living image of the character.

Dreamland is a sizable adaptation of a Winsor McKay comic book with a reported $150 million budget, but this isn’t actually the first time fantasy has hit the screens. The keeper.

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