Here’s the real reason fans haven’t seen Bonnie Wright since Harry Potter

More than two decades ago in Harry Potter The film franchise introduced fans to several breakout stars that fans still can’t get enough of.

Among them, of course, are the main film stars Danielle Radcliffe, Emma Watson and Rupert Grint. At the same time, many also praised the performance of various relatively new supporting actors such as Tom Felton, James Phelps, Oliver Phelps and, of course, Bonnie Wright, who played the Weasley younger sister, Ginny.

Wright may have barely made an appearance at the beginning of the story, but towards the end it became clear how important she was to the franchise’s overarching storyline. In fact, some fans have speculated that she was the actual MVP of the entire series.


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Since the completion of their work in Harry Potter films, Wright has certainly been busy. However, aside from starring in a number of indie films, the actress hasn’t been particularly visible lately.

And after catching a glimpse of her in the recently released Harry Potter 20th Anniversary: ​​Return to Hogwartsfans can’t help but wonder if the actress is planning on doing other projects on the big screen.

Apparently, however, Wright is reluctant to remain in the spotlight.

Bonnie Wright has starred in several acting jobs since Harry Potter

While several of her former castmates aggressively pursued roles after Harry PotterWright seems to have opted for a more casual approach to his career.

In fact, it seemed that the actress took a short break after Harry Potter ended, later appearing in the 2013 films. Sea and After dark

Shortly thereafter, Wright also starred in a holiday family movie. My dad Scrooge… A few years later, she also starred in a little-known detective film. Who Killed Nelson Nutmeg?… The actress also followed this role in a contemporary retelling of the holiday classics. Christmas song

While Wright hasn’t actually taken part in film projects, that doesn’t necessarily mean that she has fallen out of love with acting. It turns out that, just like Radcliffe, the actress also left the big screen on stage.

Bonnie Wright made it to the theater at some point

In 2013, Wright made her stage debut in a play by Peter Ustinov. Moment of truth where she played a character known simply as the Girl.

She told about her decision to perform on stage WhatsOnStage“It has always been an art form that I wanted to explore, and I feel like now is the right time to do it professionally and personally.”

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While Wright may have enjoyed acting, she admitted that it was difficult at first.

“The first few days I felt like I was speaking a foreign language, trying to stay afloat in the middle of the ocean,” the actress explained.

“But I love every moment of the challenge, every day I feel that I am developing in some way. The rest of the cast was fun to work with. “

Bonnie Wright also worked with Greenpeace

One of that Wright has always had a passion for the environment.… “I have always loved the ocean as an environment, I have pondered many of my ideas by the sea,” the actress once said. Tab… “There is something about it, like the color and the change in the tides, something that means it is so important to a lot of people.”

And since she became famous by following her Harry Potter In her debut, the actress used her platform to promote her environmental activism.

Back in 2017, Wright even teamed up with Greenpeace to deliver a compelling message about their use of plastic to multinational beverage giant Coca-Cola. The analysis of the organization showed that the company produces more than 110 billion disposable plastic bottles annually.

Upon learning of this, Wright realized that everything had to change. “I am happy to join over 585,000 people in calling on Coca-Cola to stop using disposable plastic bottles.” – said the actress in a press release.

“The company has the opportunity to take the lead and set new standards for sustainability across the industry.”

Bonnie Wright has gone from actress to director

In addition to protecting the oceans, Wright is also involved in camera work. After all, she always knew she wanted to be a director.

“Even when I was at all Harry Potter sets I’ve always been fascinated, ”Wright explained. “If I ever had a quiet moment, like just watching people, I would imagine how I would stage the scene differently, or maybe anticipate what the director was going to say.”

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Over the years, Wright has taken on several directing jobs, although she has yet to direct her first feature film. But the actress It has founded her own production company BonBonLumière.

Plus, fans who miss Wright’s stars in the movies will have fun. The actress is filming a new comedy. Those who roam… Aside from that, it looks like Wright will remain behind the scenes for the most part.

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