Here’s What Convinced Rip Carlton to Finally Join the Deadliest Prey

After years of being asked to join the show and repeatedly turned down by the producers of The Deadly Catch, Carlton eventually changed his mind after he voiced his grievances to Arom Starr-Paul, who became the co-executive of The Deadly Catch. producer in 2017 (via IMDb). “What changed my mind was the gentleman Arom Starr. [Paul]who now runs everything, talked to me, and I sort of told him about my doubts, ”said Carlton. “He said, well, I think we can work around this. You need to catch so many crabs, we will work with you.” These words made Carlton think about joining the long-running series, but a conversation with his son cast aside any remaining doubts.

“Dad, in 20 years, when you are gone, I can put this little flash drive into a computer, show it to my children and say:“ This is my dad, ”Carlton recalled his son, and Derek told him. That was all he needed to hear to finally sign the dotted line. Patricia Lee dominated the earning game in Deadly Catch season 18, so don’t be surprised if Rip Carlton and his team get a lot more screen time in future seasons.

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