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The past two years have been a tough one for the writer Darren Star. His hit Netflix Emily in Paris was criticized by the French media after the release of the first season in 2020. Sex and the cityreboot And just like that also came under fire when it aired on December 9, 2021.

The original HBO Max was torn apart as fans worth cringing woke up to accuse of bad spelling. We all know that the original series hasn’t been very dated in recent years. However, the attempt at redemption only made the situation worse. Daily mail saying “Sex and the city died of awakening“Along with this, Mr. Big left, whose death in the Peloton was just as terrible. It’s halfway through the first season, and a lot of things still don’t make sense to viewers. SATK element.


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Fans want to bring back Carrie’s voice acting in “Just Like That”

We couldn’t help but wonder … How did the writers get rid of Carrie Bradshaw’s voice acting when she’s probably most remembered? SATK the bit that has immortalized the show all these years?

Many fans have reached out to the show’s official subreddit to voice their thoughts on the missing voiceovers. “Is it just me, or could the show be more sincere with Carrie’s voiceover?” – wrote the redditor. “It seems to me that without them the show has lost some of its [sense]Even before the reboot was released, fans used the “I Couldn’t Help But Wonder” memes to express their speculations about the show’s next twist.

Also, one of the reasons we loved SATK because we needed to keep an eye on Carrie’s life in New York. Without her reflections, everything is not so. “Without them, the show seems very quiet,” a fan remarked. “And often without them there is no smooth transition between scenes.” Plus, let’s face it, Sarah Jessica Parker has a nice voice. Why remove that now when ASMR is already there? Let’s hope they get those voiceovers back in season 2 (if they ever get a backlash extension).

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Why did “And Just Like It” get rid of Carrie’s voice acting?

Michael Patrick King, the show’s director, did not disclose the reason for this choice. But in accordance with Screen ranting, this is probably because some of the voiceovers in SATK films “seem repetitive and harsh.”

Carrie also had that cheesy ending line: “Dressed from head to toe in love” in the first movie. The second film was also a dull disaster. We are sure that this is one of the reasons AJLT trying so hard to seem awake. With so much compensation, King probably just thought it would be safe to get rid of Carrie’s voice acting. After all, Carrie had rather conflicting thoughts.

On top of that, the stylish (still debated) New Yorker hasn’t stopped sounding authoritative and demanding. Perhaps the writers thought that in such a climate, because of the voice acting, Carrie would simply be canceled. This is probably why she stopped writing. Quite frankly, her judgmental nature would not fit in today’s sex-positive media. However, fans are hoping that she will return to her desk and write her thoughts on modern dating. The whole dating scene after the pandemic could be interesting content. Seriously, just give Carrie her own domain.

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Carrie’s voiceover would have done Just Like that better

Carrie’s voiceover would not only compensate for her inability to write in AJLT… Fans also believe it would have saved the entire sequel (well, maybe a little). Fans think that without the voice acting, the characters seem less attractive. One Redditor even made a good analogy for how important this iconic element is. “I feel like they are a huge part of the show, so it’s weird to watch and not hear this comment from Carrie,” they wrote. “Such as Grey’s Anatomy if you delete Meredith’s point of view, it will be weird. I used to think that I was in the mind of Carrie, and now I’m just an outsider, if that makes sense. “

But some fans are optimistic about the voice acting. One of them said it would probably be back and that Carrie just “lost her voice” for now. It’s kind of a brilliant theory, actually. Maybe we’ll hear the voice acting once she finds a new home and survives Big’s tragic death. Another fan claims that “the official argument [for the lack of voiceovers] is that [Carrie’s] is no longer central to the story. ” However, we understand why many fans don’t believe this. They just think that Carrie is still the same selfish friend. Hopefully this can be rewritten now.

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