Here’s what really ruined the engagement between Heather Musco and Thomas Ravenel

Right from the start of the reality show Bravo Southern charmThomas Ravenel was introduced as a former South Carolina treasurer who was close to his co-stars and was in jail on drug charges. He still wanted to work in politics and quickly became close to co-star Catherine Dennis, with whom he now has two children. Several seasons later, Thomas was accused of sexual assault, and Bravo threw him out of the show, which was just one of the controversial moments in the series. Southern charm

After meeting and parting with Southern charm Ashley Jacobs star, Thomas got engaged to Heather Musco. It seems that this relationship ended before it even started, and people want to know what happened. Read on to find out what really ruined the engagement between Heather Musco and Thomas Ravenel.


Why did Heather Musco and Thomas Ravenel break up?

Heather Musco and Thomas Ravenel split up after a year of engagement due to the “stress” of waiting for a baby and renovating Thomas’s house. The source said they split up and reunited as they were expecting a newborn.

In accordance with All about teaA source explained to the publication: “Thomas and Heather had a falling out over the design of his house in Aiken. They argued over every detail of the renovation. She wanted to make every room a playroom for children. She tried to adopt the design. “

The source said: “This, along with the fact that they are incompatible as a couple, led to a breakup … they are better off being friends.”

Heather gave birth to her son Jonathan in 2020. Thomas explained in an interview Daily mail it was hard to talk about the newborn with his two children, whom he shares with Katherine Dennis, Kensi and Saint. “You see, it is difficult for them to explain:“ This is your half-brother – different mothers, the same father ”. They were a little confused. In the end, I just told them, “You will understand when you get older!”

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Katherine said that she was shocked by the news of pregnancy: on Southern charmShe explained that she had seen Thomas’ pregnancy test that was positive, and since she knew she was not currently waiting, it was someone else. Catherine thought that maybe she and Thomas would get back together, so it was difficult to deal with. Catherine said. “I cannot believe that I live in a house with this man who is hiding a secret that he will soon have a child. “In the meantime, I think,“ Oh, maybe if we got back together, it would be like that. ” Some of it was taken from my family. It’s not Raveneli anymore, “he said. Us weekly

Thomas said that he and Heather are still good friends and will be parents.

Heather Maskow is a mother of two from previous relationships: according to The sun, she and Leo Chiagkuris, a famous restaurant business in Charleston, have 13 and 12 year olds.

Daily mail reported that Leo had posted a banner in the courtyard of his home in Charleston, telling about what Thomas was accused of: “THOMAS RAVENEL was prosecuted for assault and second-degree battery … a former nanny on January 25, 2015.”

Leo said Heather spent money on his credit card when she shouldn’t have, and he indicted her in 2014. Although she was arrested, she was released.

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Thomas Ravenel and Ashley Jacobs had a dramatic relationship

In accordance with Us weekly Thomas says Ashley was not faithful. E Online the couple were reported to have parted ways twice and it appears to have continued a second time.

Ashley explained Us weekly that she did not cheat, but someone was definitely interested in her romantically. She said that Thomas found the tapes of her phone conversations and found out what was going on.

Ashley said: “Thomas is the only person I have slept with since I live here, so it saddens me that I cheated on him because I wasn’t, but I could have better let him know about it.” [another man] more drawn to me, but we are not exclusive, so why should I owe him this? I don’t know why I owe him this, and to be honest, I didn’t think he would get the tapes of my telephone conversations, it’s true, so I was arrested. I was really arrested. “

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Thomas said there was “no information that Ashley Jacobs ever cheated,” although he tweeted. Chicago lyrics hinting that someone is cheating on him.

Ashley is now married to Mike Appel and they have a child, Grayson Maxwell, who was born in the summer of 2021.

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