Here’s Where You Can Stream Cloverfield Online

Imagine that a whole big city is rapidly degrading to complete panic and destruction, and you are right in the middle of it all. Would you take a camera to capture the events, or would you run for your life? Well, these Cloverfield characters are a combination of both, and you can see what happens to them in the end. That’s because moviegoers looking to experience (again or for the first time) the utter downtown mayhem that goes on in this 2008 found footage horror will be happy to know the film is available to stream on multiple channels.

For a minimal fee, you can cheer on a group of young Manhattans traveling the city risking their lives to save their friend Beth (Odette Yustman) on channels like Google Play, VUDU, iTunes and Amazon Prime Video. No matter which streaming channel you choose, know that now is the time to get back to Cloverfield, especially with the news that Chapter 4 is on the way (lest we forget Netflix’s Cloverfield Paradox). And with JJ Abrams and the thrills to come, fan excitement is bound to reach the same heights as the attacking monsters themselves.

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