Here’s Why Cher Is Suing Sonny Bono’s Widow for $1 Million

Then, the documents allege that, in 2016, Mary and Vixen Publications issued “notices to various music publishers or other companies to which Sony granted renewed copyrights in the musical composition, or the transfer or licensing of rights under them.” issued. “

Chir’s lawyers said the notice of termination was given without their “knowledge or participation”.

According to documents, Chir was informed in September that his royalty rights had been revoked and he no longer had “approval rights”.

But the documents state that Cheer “disputes every dispute of the Bono Collection Trust” and alleges that Maryam and others “violated” their agreement. “As a direct and immediate consequence of the defendant’s violations, [Cher] It has maintained losses, and will maintain losses, in an amount not currently known but estimated to be in excess of 000 1,000,000.[Cher] She is entitled and asks for a constructive trust on the undistributed fifty percent of the royalty that she owns. [Mary and others] Received and failed to pay or directed to be paid directly. “

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