Here’s why fans think ‘selling sunset’ is a skirting safety rule.

Production. Selling the sunset. Closed after the cast member’s coveted 19 was positive.

Popular Netflix The reality show about LA real estate agents is spreading rumors that security protocols have gone bad after celebrity gossip page reached Dukes Moi from an anonymous source.

Due to the coveted case, selling sunset stops production.

Selling the sunset. Filming had to be stopped after a positive test from someone in the cast.

The entire cast and crew will be tested twice this week before resuming production. An insider said American Weekly..

According to another source, the reality show will be “closed” for a total of 15 days.

According to a “blind item” published on Dukes Moi, a member of a popular reality show had a positive experience for Coved 19, which led to the closure of production. Even though the name of the show was not revealed, many people did the math thinking it was about. Selling the sunset..

Furthermore, the sources alleged that the reason for the positive test of the mysterious cast member was that he had not been vaccinated. And they don’t seem to be the only ones.

The cast members of this reality show, which was recently shut down due to the exposure of Covid, have been ignoring the vaccine principle developed by the network for a long time.

Sources also alleged that this is not the first time that someone has had a positive experience for Coved 19 on the set.

The source added, “They have only lied about it in the past.”

Finally, an anonymous source claimed that the cast members were opposed to the vaccine “and that they were doing everything possible to violate the rules of the network.”

“Including lies and fake cards,” he wrote.

These are very serious claims and are not substantiated by further evidence. Although the name of the show is not revealed, followers of @ deux.discussions think it is. Selling the sunset. Really due to the recent production shutdown.

One person wrote, “Sunset selling was only closed for coyotes.”

“My guess was selling sunset,” was another comment.

One fan added, “Weren’t they just in Greece?

Earlier this year, The cast of the show toured Greece. And Italy during its summer break.

Other people think that the blind thing is referring to someone. Real housewives. Displays.

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The ‘Sunset’ star teases the major cast fallout.

Selling the sunset., Which premiered in 2019, Renewed for four and five seasons. In March. Although next season’s premiere date is yet to be announced, Heather Rae Young recently teased that fans can expect a friendship to look very different than before.

Christine [Quinn] And I haven’t had a deep friendship for more than a year.

“We congratulate each other on special moments or we send some good writing back and forth. [also] Apparently I saw him here and there in the office once or twice. But as far as friendship is concerned, it’s not there yet.

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Sunset Selling: Everything About Creating a Netflix Show.

The sunset is full of beautiful women, the features of Riti for sale, and the extremely short drama that goes on to explain Netflix’s reality TV hit.

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