Here’s why House of the Dragon’s Otto Hightower could be even more dangerous after Episode 4

In King of the Narrow Sea, Otto doesn’t do much throughout the episode, but he takes the plunge right before it comes to an end. After Princess Rhaenyra (played in this timeline by Millie Alcock) and Prince Daemon Targaryen (Matt Smith) spend the night in the brothels of King’s Landing, a currently unknown confidant referred to as the “White Worm” informs Otto that Uncle and niece (fu) were spotted at the crime scene (fugh again) Otto relays this information to Viserys and is promptly shut down.

Although Viserys later makes it clear to Rhaenyra that he does believe Otto, he currently dismisses Otto, telling him that this information is nothing more than a transparent ploy to bring Alycent’s son Aegon II to the throne instead of Rhaenyra. Otto is then immediately removed as Hand of the King, but he still has a lot of cards up his sleeve. His daughter Alycent is still Viserys’ favorite second queen, and judging by what she’s doing, she may soon give birth to another heir, and Aegon II is certainly a suitable candidate for kingship. Otto may well have a stronger influence the further he moves from the throne, working from the shadows to achieve his goals. In addition, the series makes frequent reference to the fact that its employees are hiding out in Oldtown; maybe we will finally see what kind of alliances he formed there.

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