Highest-earning former SNL actors

Saturday nightlife is one of the most legendary shows in business history, and its performers, past and present, have benefited greatly from being on the show. It gave birth to the giants of the big screen, and remains a welcome destination for any performer.

Many names from SNL continued to achieve great success and some of them made tons of wealth in the process.

So how to do SNL the rank of graduates in the equity department? Let’s take a closer look, with numbers through Celebrity Net Worth

eight Tina Fey – $ 75 million

While many of the names featured on this list are primarily focused on acting, Tina Fey is a rare example of someone whose writing is arguably better than her acting, which says a lot. Fey has such a special type of humor, and she was able to earn tens of millions of dollars by tirelessly and entertaining millions of fans with her humorous writing and acting.


7 Will Ferrell – $ 160 million

At the height of his popularity, Will Ferrell was arguably the biggest comedy star on the planet, which is especially impressive considering the heavyweights he was performing with at the time. Ferrell was a dynamo SNLIt’s true, but in the end he was able to land roles in large-scale projects that showed the world how funny he can be as a leading actor.

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6 Bill Murray – $ 180 million

At this stage in his legendary career, few professionals enjoy the love and respect that Bill Murray has. Murray has definitely shown that he can do well on comedy projects early on, but as soon as he has the opportunity to start working on a smaller, larger scale. dramatic roles, he was able to show that he is a performer with an exceptional range. This helped him a lot on the path to accumulating wealth.

5 Eddie Murphy – $ 200 million

Eddie Murphy is one of the greatest stars to come out of SNLand he was able to achieve success in many areas of the entertainment industry. Although Murphy achieved success in several arenas, it was during this time that he starred in successful films that really brought him immense wealth. Simply put, Murphy is one of the greatest comedy stars to ever hit the big screen.

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4 Mike Myers – $ 200 million

Mike Myers is one of the most legendary performers in SNL history, and people weren’t as surprised to see him conquer the big screen the way he did in his day. Myers was able to use projects such as Wayne’s world, then Austin Powers franchise, and Shrek franchises to earn $ 200 million while in the movie business.

3 Julia Louis-Dreyfus – $ 250 million

Julia Louis-Dreyfus might not have relied on Saturday nightlife, but she was able to make a splash on the small screen thanks to Seinfeld during the legendary run of the show. As if that wasn’t impressive enough, the actress would have had success on other shows, most notably on Vice Presidentwhere she again became one of the brightest stars on television. She is now a part MCU

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2 Robert Downey Jr. – $ 300 million

Many people may not remember this, but Robert Downey Jr. was briefly on the crew. Saturday nightlife at one time, and therefore he is more than qualified to appear on this list. Robert Downey Jr certainly had his ups and downs in the business, but once he became Iron Man in the MCU, he was able to make hundreds of millions of dollars and amass an impressive net worth.

one Adam Sandler – $ 420 million

Topping the list is none other than Adam Sandler, who had a remarkably successful career back in the 1990s. Sandler used his unique brand of comedy to gain popularity with millions of fans around the world, and at one point he was one of the biggest comedy stars on the planet. Sure, the quality of his films has dropped in the eyes of many, but this man is still making money, especially thanks to his big deal with Netflix.

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