Hoda Kotb’s Best Piece of Parenting Advice Is Too Sweet

Is Hooda Cotab adopting another baby ?! She says …

Hooda Kotb. Is Don’t raise your family. Yet, but Today Anchor is ready to reveal his parents’ secrets.

Of Making space with Hooda Kotab. Podcast The host appeared exclusively during e! News’ Daily Pop. Tuesday, October 5, when it comes to daughters. Haley Joy., 4, and Hope Catherine.2. It is better to be a little hands off.

“They have saliva because kids do, but they love each other,” Hooda said. “One of my favorite times of the day is to see them on the monitor in their room in the morning. It’s beautiful. I feel like if we get out of the way everything is resolved. You go out, the kids Leave it at that. Moments and they will finish it and become the best in five seconds. ”

And Hooda. Fianc Joel Chefman Similarly, there have been new revelations about parents. “He is a great father. When he was the parent of his eldest daughter, he traveled a lot,” Hooda admitted. “Times are changing. Now, everyone has to get in the middle of it. He’s getting another shot at it.”

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