Holly Madison claims Hugh Hefner shared non-consensual nude photos of “heavily drunk” playmates

“It’s kind of revenge porn, before I even knew what revenge porn was. It’s like, you’re taking these pictures. They’re not consensual because you’re so wasted. And the next morning you have to Turns out they’ve been given to everyone who was out with you.”

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Holly Madison is Ongoing to think about and his years spent at the Playboy Mansion rowdy Relationship with its founder Hugh Hefner.

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Madison, now 41, moved into Hefner’s mansion when she was 21 and reportedly began dating lazy Mughal when he was 75 years old. The two split after about seven years, and Madison has since described the relationship asStockholm Syndrome,

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Hefner, Joe Died At 91 in 2017, the mansion infamously indulged in multiple sexual relationships with young women, often one branded as “his”main girlfriend“And pitting the others against each other.

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However, Hefner’s sexual relationship with women younger than those decades—as well as the entire legacy of the Playboy Mansion that was glorified for years—has only recently turned serious. Criticism,

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among the many claims Built around the treatment of young women, Madison – along with other ex-mates – first said that Hefner provided them with copious amounts of alcohol and drugs in what he called “thigh-openers” in his 2015 memoir, in the rabbit hole,

Now, in an appearance the girl Next door podcast This week, Madison opened up more about her experiences with the Playboy founder while under the influence, claiming that Hefner not only took and circulated nude photos of Playmates, but also “new girls who went for a night out”. joining them” – without her consent.

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“When do the girls go out [Hefner] And coming back to his room, he was constantly taking pictures of these women on his disposable camera,” Madison told podcast host Amy Rose Spiegel. “And these women were almost always drunk. I know I was too drunk.”

“They just won’t be his regular girlfriends,” she said. “They would be the new girls who were joining him for a night for the first time, or the women who had come from across the country for the exam center under alleged professional circumstances. And they would be invited out and at times under pressure. will be inserted, not necessarily directly by them.”

“He’s constantly taking all these photos, and he’ll make copies of all the photos and hand them out to everyone who went out that night,” Madison said.

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“So if you were messing up and if you were in his bathtub with your top off and some other girl is doing some explicit sexual posture with you and he took a picture of her on his disposable camera, he would make a copy. And will give it to everyone that night and put it in a scrapbook. Revealed years later [that] He wanted to donate his scrapbooks to a public library,” she said.

Madison described the entire ordeal as “a kind of revenge porn”, noting that it was completely non-consensual due to the effects of alcohol.

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She said, “It’s kind of revenge porn, before I even knew what revenge porn was.” “It’s like, you’re taking these pictures. They’re not consent because you’re so wasted. And the next morning you find out they’ve been given to everyone who was out with you.”

“I don’t know if he assumed it was okay because all these women want to be in the magazine so badly,” she said. ,They should be fine with being naked, so I’m going to take pictures when they’re ruined and just put those pics out, This is the kind of thing that can make you feel trapped or over-invested in a position. … it’s one of those things that makes you feel a little more supported in a corner.”

Furthermore, Madison elaborates on how she is long condemned for speaking out against Hefner and her experiences at the mansion, noting that the victim-blaming she receives is rooted in misunderstanding.

“The one thing I always have to deal with [is] Strangers’ misunderstandings about me, or how that whole situation worked,” Madison said. “There are always people who get mad because I speak up.”

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“‘She knew what she was doing.’ I can’t tell you how many people say that to me. I don’t know how they can form that opinion because they don’t know anything about the context of the time period or what people know about their personal lives , “He continued.

“I think it’s kind of an anti-feminist thing,” she added, before quoting some of the criticism. ,[There’s an assumption that] If there is a situation that involves a woman and sex and you are over the legal age of consent… then you are solely responsible, and any negatives about the situation from then on are your fault, and you should know that what you were entering. But I had no way of knowing all the nuances of the situation.”

Detailing Hefner’s alleged tactics of control, Madison talks about the concept of “love bombing”, revealing that she didn’t even know about the term when she was young.

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as host Spiegel Explained, “love bombing” refers to when an abusive person displays forms of affection as a method of manipulation. Madison recalled,[Hefner] They’ll say all the things I know now that it’s too cliche for older men trying to dress up younger women, like, ‘You’re so mature for your age, you’re giving so much, you’re going to give up on other girls. Not selfish like that. ‘ … things like that.”

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And Madison expressed her gratitude at the growing awareness of topics like non-consensual sharing of sexual images, and consent in general, saying she thinks Hefner’s treatment of women “will never be accepted today.”

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Madison’s comments come just a month before release playboy secrets, a new documentary that sets out to chart and re-examine the experiences of her and other ex-partners through a modern lens.

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in the first teaserIn , which aired last week, Madison and other ex-partners Sondra Theodore and Bridget Marquardt opened up about the realities of life at the mansion, with Theodore claiming that “hard drug use,

,[Hefner] pretended he wasn’t involved in any harsh drug use at the mansion, but that was just a lie,” Theodore alleged, adding that the Quaaludes were “used for sex.”

qualudes Sedatives are hypnotic drugs that induce drowsiness and sleep, which were made illegal in the US in the 1980s.

Possibly detailing his and other playmates’ experiences with drugs, Theodore said that you usually “take just half,” adding that “if you take two, you’ll pass out.”

“It was such a temptation, and men knew it – that they could get girls to do anything they wanted,” he claimed.

the girl Next door is an investigative podcast series and will end its run next week. can you hear Holly Madison guest episode Here.

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