Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield stand in line in line LATEST: Tens of thousands sign petition to remove hosts this morning

TENS OF THOUSANDS of Britons are demanding that the hosts of This Morning be fired as the line jumps due to the Queen’s rampage.

ITV stars and This morning hosts Holly Willoughby 41, and co-host Philip Schofield, 60, have been accused of apparently skipping a line in front of thousands of Britons waiting to see Queen lying in a state.

Change.org petition to remove duo Ax Philip Schofield and Holly Willoughby from Televisioncollected over 54,000 signatures, with creator Laura Harrison saying, “ITV should be ashamed of taking advantage of the situation. I would like this morning to be abolished forever as I truly believe it does more harm than good without people. noticing. “

After social media exploded in response to the footage, the hosts under fire aired a segment focusing on online claims they were “too posh to queue” at Westminster Hall last Friday.

Speaking of a montage of people lining up to see the coffin, Holly said the couple walked in Westminster Abbey as “accredited broadcasters”, adding, “This was done solely to communicate the event to the millions of people who were unable to attend in person.”

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  • Source claims Holly was ‘left to dry’ due to queue controversy

    A source told the Sun that Holly Willoughby was “left behind” by This Morning’s bosses following accusations that she and Phil jumped the line to see Her Majesty’s coffin.

    A source said: “She feels she has been left out by ITV in some ways and understandably very angry.

    “She was incredibly loyal and dedicated to This Morning, but it was very difficult for her to deal with this situation. There was tension between them.

    “Holly is probably going through the most difficult period of her career and she needs support. She was definitely upset by what happened.”

  • What did Holly and Phil say?

    Holly and Phil deny any wrongdoing following accusations that they skipped the line to see Her Majesty lay in state.

    In her defense Holly said: “Like hundreds of accredited broadcasters and journalists, we received official permission to enter the hall.

    “This was done solely to publicize the event to the millions of people in the UK who were unable to visit Westminster in person.

    “The rules were that we were quickly escorted around the edges to the platform at the back. In contrast, those who paid respect walked across the carpeted area next to the coffin and were given time to pause.

    “None of the TV presenters and journalists took any places in line, and no one passed by the queen.

    “Of course, we followed these rules, but we understood that it could look different, and therefore we fully understand the reaction.

    “Please know that we will never be out of line.”

  • Holly ‘won’t quit’ despite public outrage

    A source has confirmed to Kristen Bell Tattoos that This Morning’s Holly Willoughby will NOT be leaving the show, despite claims that she skipped the line to see Her Majesty lay in state.

    “Holly Won’t Leave” the source said.

    “She was devastated by all the backlash after she came to work at Westminster Hall with Phil on Friday, but she has no intention of retiring.

    “This morning has been her life for over ten years and the only way she could think of leaving at this stage is if the audience really didn’t want her to be there.

    “Today she tried to give her point of view on this story, and now they both hope to move on from it.

    “The bosses know that Holly is still a hit with audiences and expect her to continue to do wonders on the show for a long time to come.”

  • Piers Morgan defends Holly and Phil

    Piers Morgan came to the defense of Holly Willoughby and Philip Schofield.

    “All hell broke loose because of that, I think they were ridiculously over-campaigned,” he said.

    “20,000 people signed a petition for their dismissal. Of course they can’t be fired, it’s ridiculous.”

    Pierce continued: “Maybe that was a misjudgment. I told myself on this show that I don’t think anyone should jump in line, whoever you are, unless you’re a world leader and you have a time problem. “

  • Why are people angry?

    Some Britons are annoyed by the iconic TV presenter couple for their appearance in Her Majesty’s state queue.

    Holly and Phil allegedly “jumped in out of line” while other stars such as David Beckham waited along with other Britons.

    Currently, a petition to have them removed from the ITV program This Morning has garnered 54,000 signatures.

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