Hollyoaks’ Steph Davis shows ‘weeping wounds’ as terrible skin problems get WORSE

HOLLYOAKS star Stephanie Davis opened up about her very painful skin condition that left her with ‘weeping sores’.

Stephanie, 29, told fans that she scratched her skin and the painful rash plagued her.


Hollyoaks star Stephanie Davis showed fans her terrible skin condition.1 credit
The actress played Sinead Shelby on the TV series Hollyoaks from 2010 to 2015.


The actress played Sinead Shelby on the TV series Hollyoaks from 2010 to 2015.Credit: Channel 4

The actress suffered so much that she refused to leave the house.

“So you’ve all been asking me about my skin updates but I really didn’t want to share with you all what it looks like because it’s so bad – I put on a filter now because I feel so embarrassed and I really hiding,” Stephanie said.

“He appeared all over my body in different places, I just scratched myself to shreds.

“I don’t like that you all see me like this, but it’s topical withdrawal or steroid withdrawal that I’m just trying to get through.”

My face is distorted and I will have to spend a week indoors,” says Steph Davis.
Stephanie Davis opens up about painful skin reaction after failed fake tan

She continued, “I had a little bit of stress and it didn’t make me feel better, it only made me worse.

“When I have a free day with my skin, the days go by and it gets worse before it gets better.

“I just don’t want to leave the house and all that.”

Stephanie showed photos of her red untreated skin that is constantly flaky.

The star showed crying cracks on her neck and admitted that it “frustrated her” and made her feel “depressed”.

“I can’t wait to get dressed and get a tan instead of ripping the skin out from under my nails and leaving footprints everywhere I go.

“Itching makes me sick, everything hurts so much.

“I don’t want to go anywhere, I don’t want to leave the house, all my eyes are stuck together and hurt downstairs.

Earlier this year, Stephanie opened up about her condition, which has affected her self-confidence.

She said: GOOD!: “The problem started in August last year, if you think about it, it all started with stress. Now I have noticed that if I am very nervous, my skin becomes inflamed.

“I have tried everything from over-the-counter creams to prescription steroid creams that have made my skin 10 times worse and my skin 10 times more dry and irritated.

“I even tried to smear Greek yogurt on my face and chest to cool my skin from the terrible burning sensation, I just wanted to dip my whole face in a bucket of something to ease the pain.

“I literally tried everything!” the star reflected on her disappointment, admitting that at one point her skin became so “tight and crusty” and began to shed “like a snake” that her skin was “unrecognizable”.

She added, “It had such a huge impact on my confidence that I just didn’t want to leave the house.”

Eventually, Stephanie underwent a 3D Dermaforce treatment to rejuvenate and regenerate her skin.

In January, her stalker Alex Boston was jailed for 28 weeks for a three-month campaign of terror that forced Stephanie to move.

“It’s definitely had a big impact on my mental health,” she said during an appearance on This Morning.

“I still struggle with my mental health. When this happened, my anxiety went through the roof, I could not relax.

“I had panic attacks all the time, every time I heard a noise, I panicked.”

Stephanie rose to fame playing Sinead Shelby on Hollyoaks from 2010 to 2015.

She returned to the popular Channel 4 soap series in 2018, but left again last year to pursue new projects.

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In 2017, Stephanie gave birth to their son, Cabin, with her ex, Jeremy McConnell.

She is now dating Joe McCulroy after going official on Instagram earlier this year.

The actress showed inflamed wounds on her neck


The actress showed inflamed wounds on her neck1 credit
Stephanie said the condition made her


Stephanie said the condition made her “depressed”.1 credit
The star said she scratched her skin.


The star said she scratched her skin.1 credit

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