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Marsha Hunt, a veteran actress from the Golden Age of film, radio and Broadway whose career later declined due to her protests against the infamous House Un-American Activities Committee (HUAC), died of natural causes on September 7 in Los Angeles.

Her guardians, nephew, actor and director Allan Hunt and Elisabeth Lauritsen, confirmed her death.

Hunt appeared in more than 60 films for Paramount, MGM and Republic starting her career in 1935. She has also appeared in over 30 productions, including six on Broadway.

In the early days of television, Hunt appeared as Viola in twelfth Night, the first play by Shakespeare to be broadcast from coast to coast. She twice took part and played a major role in your show show, featuring Sid Caesar, Imogen Coca and Carl Reiner. Numerous live and recorded guest appearances followed over the decades.

But her name appeared in the Red Channels, an anti-communist pamphlet that was said to have had a significant impact on television and film studios.

Red Channels accused Hunt of being a member of the First Amendment Committee, which included Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall. The group went to Washington in 1947 to protest the jailing of 10 writers, directors and producers for contempt of Congress. They refused to disclose their political allegiance to the House Un-American Activities Committee.

Although Hunt was never jailed or charged with any crime, finding work became more difficult. The Washington Post reports that Hunt twice swore anti-communist allegiance to get film and television jobs, but she put a stop to advertising in trade newspapers.

Hunt worked intermittently after the blacklist era, including as the mother of a disfigured war veteran in the 1971s. Johnny got his gun(1971).

Instead, she directed her energy towards activism, serving public, civic and national organizations involved in humanitarian causes.

A critically acclaimed documentary about her remarkable life, The sweet tribulations of Marsha Hunt was released in 2015.

Hunt is survived by nieces and nephews. Donations in her memory can be made at LA Family Housing. lafh.org.

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