Home Alone star Devin Ratre accused of strangling his girlfriend in hotel fight – but Buzz actor not arrested

Devin Ratray has been charged with domestic abuse towards his girlfriend in an Oklahoma City hotel fight, although he has not been charged at this time.

The Home Alone star recently revealed that he will be a part of the film’s “reunion”, which is about to happen. 31 years after the film first aired.

Devin was accused of 'strangling' and 'walking around' his girlfriend


Devin was accused of ‘strangling’ and ‘walking around’ his girlfriendcredit: Instagram
He played Buzz in Home Alone


He played Buzz in Home Alonecredit: Alamy

Devin, 44, and his girlfriend got into an argument on Sunday night over an alleged physical relationship.

The actor’s significant other claimed that as their fight escalated, he began to “throttle her and put her hand on her mouth”.

He then alleged that he “bitten her hand,” before “he punched her in the face and she ran over a ladder.”

According to documents obtained by him, “she then took her luggage and went to wait for the police to arrive.” TMZ.

Law enforcement sources told the outlet that he was “called to a domestic dispute between Ratray and his girlfriend earlier this week at a hyatt near downtown OKC.”

However, Devin’s rep has claimed that the two “got into a verbal argument, nothing physical, and things were so bad that the two broke up.”

The representative did not provide further details about what the fight was about.

The police informant continued to say that “everything sorted out when Devin and his girlfriend decided to go separate ways for the night.”

The accuser “got a separate room” and no one was arrested.

live in disrepute

Devin reached his claim to fame in 1990 when he played Buzz McCallister, Kevin’s older brother, played by Macaulay Culkin.

Last week, the actor revealed that the cast of Home Alone will be hosting a “reunion” 31 years after the original Christmas flick aired.

“They are planning a reunion online and I just recently, as of a few days ago, came across their Messenger chat thread,” he said. People.

He explained: “And I’m trying to keep up with Jade Cohen [Rod McCallister]MILF Diana Ren [Sondra McCallister], terry snelly [Aunt Leslie]MILF Angela Goethals [Linnie McCallister], and Hillary Wolf [Megan McCallister],

“The family is moving to get together of its own accord, so who knows what’s going to happen in the future,” he explained.

missing macaulay

However, Devin shared that macaulay, now 41, his younger brother Kieran Culkin, and Katherine O’Hara will not attend the reunion.

The Mosaic star revealed, “Macaulay is so much more open and relaxed and, I must say, more of a public figure.”

“He’s been as reclusive as anyone in his position, and I’m glad he’s a public figure now and open.”

Devin said he was “very happy” at Kieran’s “very consistent and respectable career”, adding: “He has always been a real actor.”

‘Kind’ Catherine

Referring to Katherine, the television star said that she is “one of the nicest, sweetest, kindest people out there.”

,[Catherine] Taught me how to be off-camera for someone else’s close-up,” he explained of the Shit’s Creek star.

“She was so generous. To her, we weren’t kids, we were actors. She was there for us in every take, giving everything she would for her close-ups.”

Devin has starred in countless films, namely Home Alone, Home Alone 2: Lost in New York, Home Alone 4: Taking Back the House, and most recently, Home Sweet Home Alone, a film that debuted on Disney Plus in November. Hui.

Devin has been a part of the Home Alone franchise for over 30 years


Devin has been a part of the Home Alone franchise for over 30 yearscredit: 20th Century Fox
He has starred in several spin-off roles from the original film.


He has starred in several spin-off roles from the original film.credit: getty
Devin was not arrested after the alleged altercation


Devin was not arrested after the alleged altercationcredit: Instagram
Devin Ratray looks unrecognizable 31 years after playing Kevin’s brother Buzz in new show Home Sweet Home Alone

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