Hope Davis and Michael Gandolfini Join Thriller ‘Cat Person’ – Deadline

Special: Hope Davis., Michael Gandolphini., Lisa Koshi, Fred Melamid, Isaac Powell, Isabella Rosellini and Donald Ellis Watkins join Susanna Fogel’s psychological thriller cast Cat man For Studio Canal and New Yorker Studios. He will compete against previously announced cast members Nicholas Brown, Emilia Jones and Geraldine Wessonathan. Production starts today.

This photo is based on the short story by Kirsten Rupinen, published in New Yorker in 2017 and acclaimed worldwide, and was the most downloaded fiction of the year published in New Yorker and overall in 2017. It was the most read piece. The brief relationship between Margat (Jones), a 20-year-old sophomore college student, and Robert (Brown), an older man, is regular in the movie theater where Margat works.

Susanna Fujel is writing the script with Michelle Ashford. It will be produced by Jeremy Stickler and Helen Eastbrook of New Yorker Studios. Fogel, Ashford, Daniel Hank and Gino Falsito will be executive producers. Studiocanal is fully handling financing and sales worldwide.

Davis is represented by UTA and Keeperman Management. Watkins is represented by UTA and Robin Bluestone Management. Gandolphini is represented by WME. Koshi is represented by CAA and Carter Media Group. Melmid is represented by A3 Artist Agency and Heaven Entertainment. Powell is represented by CAA and Impression Entertainment and Rossellini is represented by UTA.

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