‘Horrific 2’ director Damien Leone pays tribute to Tom Savini’s work in ‘Maniac’

One of the most infamous scenes in Horrific 2 is the bedroom scene. In it, Ellie is subjected to many torturous elements before she is killed. Many call it the most memorable scene from the sequel, and the actress who played Ellie, Casey Hartnett, is garnering attention for her role. During another interview, she even revealed that someone asked her to sign a salt canister (via Grimm-Life Collective). Anyone familiar with the film knows full well that both salt and bleach play a key role in this scene.


It also includes skinning and scalping, the latter closely related to effects legend Tom Savini. Damien Leone revealed that the action and the whole look of the scene was a direct homage to 1980s Maniac (via @damienleone).

Unwilling to rely on darkly lit locations for scenery, Leone appears to have used some of the brightly lit scenes from Maniac as inspiration. According to the director, he wanted the audience to see every detail; this meant using lighting to create a room where every corner was visible. Regarding the bedroom scene, Leone mentioned producer Phil Falcone’s help in getting everything right for the scene. He revealed that it took them months to prepare for a series of difficult challenges presented by Art’s multiple mutilations (via @damienleone). The results will captivate horror fans and those who love fearless cinema.

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