Horrifying ‘Jurassic Park’ scene stuck with Ariana Richards

The key moment in “Jurassic Park” is the first appearance of tyrannosaurus rex. The characters are in the midst of a frustrating tour when the power goes out, allowing a fearsome dinosaur to escape its pen. Abandoned by Hammond’s lawyer, Donald Gennaro (Martin Ferrero), the kids start to panic when the creature approaches them. Brought to life by a skillful combination of special effects, the Tyrannosaurus Rex is a formidable antagonist (via TIME). In the chilling moment when the dinosaur sees them through the car window, narrowing his eyes on his chosen prey, it’s hard to separate fantasy from reality. In a 1993 interview with Katie Couric, Richards revealed that the scene was as nerve-wracking to shoot as it was to watch.

“I think filming it all was quite an adventure and there were some scary moments,” Richard recalled (via YouTube). “I always remember the T.R. scene where Joe and I are in the Jeep and there’s a plastic bubble above us, and the T.R. fell on top of us, biting this thing, and we’re screaming.”

Fortunately, the children had something to respond to. The Tyrannosaurus Rex, a hydraulically powered animatronic, was so believable that it frightened the cast and crew even when the cameras were off (via Entertainment Weekly). Not surprisingly, interactions with him are remembered by Richards.

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