House Democrats Introduce Bill To Remove Some Section 230 Protections – Deadline

A group of House Democrats intends to legislate that would remove some of the reservations of tech platforms’ responsibilities. Testimony of Facebook Whistleblower Last week, which was very critical of the social giant’s methods.

The new legislation will target. Section 230, A provision of the 1996 law that gives the platform responsibility for third party content.

The bill, introduced Friday, will expose an online platform for liability when it “intentionally or recklessly uses an algorithm or other technology that recommends content that is material Causes physical or severe emotional trauma. ” House Energy and Commerce Committee.

Its chairman, Rep Frank Pallon. (D-NJ), said in a statement. Facebook Continue to actively promote content that endangers our families, promotes conspiracy theories, and incites extremism to generate more clicks and advertising dollars. These platforms are not passive bystanders – they are deliberately choosing to make a profit on the people, and our country is paying the price.

This bill is called the Justice Against Algorithm Act. Here). This bill does not apply to search features or algorithms that do not rely on personal nature nor does it include web hosting or data storage and transfer. Smaller online platforms with less than five million unique monthly visitors or users will also be held accountable.

The House Energy and Commerce Committee has held several hearings focused on the spread of harmful content on social media and other platforms, including a hearing on misinformation in March. They included Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, Google CEO Sundar Pachai and Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey. In his testimony, Zuckerberg “proposed protection for certain types of illegal content, subject to companies’ ability to meet best practices for dealing with the spread of this content.” This means that platforms will need to show that they have systems in place to identify and remove illegal content.

This is a very different proposal from the legislators, as the limit will be that they have a “proper system” in which a third party body sets the definition. Zuckerberg argued that platforms should not be held accountable if a particular piece of content escapes its identification – which would be inappropriate for platforms with billions of posts per day – but illegal content for them. There must be a proper system to deal with it.

Facebook Whistleblower, Francis Hagen, Testified before the Senate Commerce Committee last week, and nullified the role of algorithms in promoting harmful or extremist content. It has provided a number of documents to the committee, which has not yet proposed its legislation.

Representative. Anna Issue (D-CA), chairman of the Energy and Commerce Health Subcommittee, said in a statement: Is using. “

After Hagen’s testimony, Zuckerberg objected to what he called the company’s “false image.”

“Many claims don’t make sense. If we want to ignore research, why would we create industry-leading research programs to understand these important issues in the first place?” Replied.

The House is legislating in collaboration with several other top energy and commerce committee Democrats. Although Republicans have also attacked Section 230, they have targeted platforms for being too aggressive in removing content that they say has been at the expense of conservative voices. The platform has pushed back against the notion of political bias, and the right-wing figures continue to rank above Facebook’s social media posts.

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