‘House of the Dragon’ Director Reveals Key Takeaway from Episode 4’s Intimate Scenes

The fourth episode of “House of the Dragon” brings the misguided conquering hero Damon back to the court of King Viserys Targaryen (Paddy Considine). Determined to insult his king, Damon takes the king’s daughter away for a shocking tour of the city’s poor dungeons. But the princess is clearly excited, not shocked, by the carnal pleasures on display at the local brothel. No longer in charge of the situation, the deflated Demon suddenly becomes uninterested in having sex with his niece. Left alone, Rhaenyra ends up seducing the very ready Ser Christon Cole (Fabien Frankel).

Commenting on this Short film “Inside the episode” Posted on YouTube by HBO, director Claire Kilner said she wanted to give the episode a distinctly female first-person perspective on sexual encounters, noting that she considers it a big responsibility as a female director. “I grew up watching male directors directing sex scenes and as a woman I have to really think about how to shoot them because my favorite looks are the ones I grew up with and they don’t have to be woman’s point of view. As for the director’s take on the main takeaways from the sex scenes in this House of the Dragon movie, Kilner is blunt: “I think it’s about young women wanting sex as much as young men.”

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