House of the Dragon Episode 4 Recap: The Case of the Heir

Like so many queens before her in the Game of Thrones universe, Queen Alycent Hightower (still played by Emily Carey) is nothing more than a pawn used by her powerful father Otto (Rhys Ifans) to potentially install an heir to the throne – and she doesn’t really try to hide how unhappy she is. Throughout this part, Alycent usually just wanders from scene to scene, looking distant and lonely, especially when she is around her much older husband Viserys. Despite a brief reunion with Rhaenyra, Alicente is incredibly isolated, which becomes clear when Viserys comes into her bed one night and she just stares at the ceiling, her face both expressionless and desperate.

When rumors reach her of Rainier and Damon’s date, she becomes furious and worried for her confidante and friend and immediately confronts her… but Rainier reassures her by saying that she will never, ever do anything with her uncle . (However, she lies, telling Alicent that Damon “never touched” her). Alicent supports Reynira and even goes against her own father… but as her father’s ambitions grow, it remains to be seen where Alicent’s loyalty will fall.

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