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Game of Thrones spin off Dragon House didn’t breathe enough fire to burn the rest of the stream field in the early hours, but new Nielsen figures suggest he started the roast on HBO Max.

The weekly Nielsen rating for game streaming did not include The Dragon in the top 10 after the premiere on August 21, but his absence was due only to the vagaries of the times.

Only a fraction of the show’s premiere made it into the weekly numbers because Nielsen keeps track of Monday through Sunday streaming. This methodology meant that in this case, only three hours of streaming in the Eastern Time Zone were recorded on the chart for the week of August 15-21. Thrones in that short period, the prequel had 327 million minutes of views. In a release accompanying the numbers, Nielsen said it expects the show to “become a regular in the coming weeks.”

HBO announced last month Dragon House to become his highest-scoring original series debut, with a combined linear and streaming audience of just under 10 million viewers. Today’s Nielsen cut is a first look at pure streaming from a third-party measurement company. The company tracks TV-only viewing, meaning mobile devices are not counted, for US movies on six streaming channels: HBO Max, Disney+, Hulu, Apple TV+, Prime Video and Netflix. The numbers are being released after almost a month’s delay.

Jamie Foxx in zombie movie Day shift ranked first from August 15 to 21 with 957 million minutes watched. For the first time since April, no game has surpassed the 1 billion minute watched mark.

Bye Dragon House likely to have good results for the week of August 22-28, next week it will face competition from Amazon Lord of the Rings. The legendary stealthy tech giant had the most high-profile third-dimensional experience this month between this fantasy epic and Thursday night’s NFL debut. Football.

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