House of the Dragon: New Star Millie Alcock on Keeping Real

Actress Millie Alcock holds on tight.

At the world premiere of the long-awaited Game of Thrones prequel House of the Dragon today, the rising Australian star realizes her life is about to change dramatically.

“I’m very lucky with this cast in that everyone is not only incredibly talented, but also incredibly kind,” Alcock told News Corp Australia before hitting the black carpet with her celebrity co-stars in Los Angeles.

Dragons and dresses: all shots from the premiere of “The House of the Dragon”

The screening followed a roaring week of international media interviews, performances in front of thousands of hardcore fans at Comic-Con and other events.

“Because a lot of us are brand new actors for something this big,” said the 22-year-old actor, originally from Sydney. “This is a whole new experience for all of us and a world we didn’t think we’d ever get the honor of stepping into, so I’m just trying to enjoy it all because it can become more than that and it can become normal. and how wonderful that this is my first moment. Or it may never get better than this. I’m holding on tight… I want to sit in this feeling for a while. I want to process it and try not to get too hung up on what if all this is.”

Other cast members joining her for the Academy Film Museum premiere on Wednesday night US time (Thursday AU time) included British stars Matt Smith, Eve Best, Emma D’Arcy, Olivia Cooke, Paddy Considine, Emily Carey and Steve Toussaint . .

The significance of the moment is not overlooked by Alcock, who until recently was relatively unknown to anyone, who has been working on a blockbuster television project for more than a year. She was heavily involved in pre-promotion for the series and was featured solo in the first major promo images for the production when they were released last month.

Set to premiere August 22 on Binge and Foxtel from the US in Australia, House of the Dragon takes place almost 200 years before the events of the original Game of Thrones. In it, Alcock plays the young princess Rhaenyra Targarian.

In Australia, she became known for her work on the hit Foxtel series Upright and also appeared in the films Janet King, Fighting Season and A Place to Call Home.

“I don’t think anyone can prepare for a change in life,” she said. “It’s not like I’m going through what a lot of people have been through and so I think there’s something pretty scary about it, but I think that’s why we try to lean on each other as actors. ”

Meanwhile, fashion insiders watching the premiere predicted that just as the original Game of Thrones impacted popular culture across the board, the world of House of the Dragon is expected to spread to other areas as well.

“We will always be drawn to the complexities and drama of on-screen characters, and given that fashion is also about character creation, it only makes sense that the direct influence from screen to wardrobe will continue.” – Alice from Vogue Australia Birrell said. “Spurred on by the time we’ve all spent indoors during the pandemic, our TV shows, electronic games and movies are no doubt further blurring the line between entertainment and what we buy for our wardrobe – so expect the same from House Of The Dragon. “.

Birrell predicted a return to “cloaks, corsets, embroidered appliqués, maxi lengths and maybe mythical creatures on the runway” at the end of the series.

“If you don’t think dragons have anything to do with fashion, you just have to look at Gucci in 2018, when a model clutched a sleeping baby along with severed heads (a tribute to Ned Stark?),” Birrell said. “As the GOT suit embroiderer references haute couture techniques in her work, don’t be surprised to see elements of McQueen, Rick Owens and Christian Dior on screen again.”

Australian fashion designer Michael Lo Sordo agreed that the world is watching not just the red carpet, but how on-screen costumes will translate into everyday life.

“The influence a female protagonist can have, such as the Khaleesi wardrobe of sheer dresses and strategic cutouts in Game of Thrones, has inspired designers around the world to create collections,” said Lo Sordo. “With shows like GOT, fashion performances are only getting better. I think there will always be an unbreakable relationship between the two industries.”

Dragon House will be available to stream on BINGE and FOXTEL in 4K simultaneously with the US starting at 11:00 AEST on Monday, August 22. And you can watch all the original seasons of Game of Thrones on any platform. .

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