Housewife refuses to help her husband pay off student loans after receiving a huge inheritance

It’s not often that we talk about conflict stories where people online decide that there is no good guy or bad guy in the conflict and everything just sucks in that situation.

But it still allows for debate, encourages understanding, and allows people to learn from these situations.

This kind of story is circulating on the Internet, originally published on Am I A-Hole? subreddit where a husband asked the community what he thought about asking his housewife wife to use her inheritance to pay off his student loans, and because she refused, he decided to split their personal finances, thus cutting her off. from their income, which, mind you, is the only family income.

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A legacy is sure to cause some drama, but it’s not often that both sides are right and wrong in a situation like this.

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So Reddit user u/sloanaita posted a short story about Am I The A-Hole? subreddit asking people in the community to explain if he is wrong in expecting his wife to help him pay off student loans using her recent inheritance.

OP is the father of two children and the sole source of income for the family, while his wife is a stay-at-home mother who spends her days taking care of the children and the household. He is slowly but surely working on paying off his student loans.

And although his wife is not in the labor market, she recently received a large inheritance, which, as the OP pointed out, is 5 times the amount of his student loan (which will take 20% of the inheritance). And as soon as the dust settled after the registration of the inheritance, he turned to the mistress about whether she could use him to pay off his debt.

A Redditor recently asked people online if he was wrong in expecting his wife to help pay off his student debt using her inheritance.

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The OP argued that the family would benefit from this as it would lighten the family’s burden and furthermore they are a family and resources should be shared for the betterment of the family. However, the wife refused, stating that the inheritance was hers and that his student loans were pre-marital and thus the sole responsibility of the OP.

In response to this, feeling it was unfair to their relationship and family, OP decided that splitting the finances would be the fairest thing to do. The next day, he told his wife that he was cutting her off for personal expenses, i.e. clothes, meals out, flights, personal care and other personal needs will no longer be funded from his money, as she has her own.

On the one hand, it was her inheritance, and on the other hand, her husband claimed that this would help the family as a whole.

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This quickly escalated into a fight when the OP decided that he cut his wife off from himself by funding her personal needs.

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Instead, he will use that money to pay off his student loan faster and, presumably, provide for his family as a whole. The wife did not like this a bit, she said that he controlled his position as the only breadwinner in the family.

This conflict eventually found its way into Am I The A-Hole? community on Reddit, asking the people’s verdict on who was wrong here. And… well, they decided that everyone was wrong here.

People explained that they both act childish, which is not good in a marriage. And although they saw rights on both sides, the problem remained that one puts forward an ultimatum, and the other does not think about what is best for the family.

The AITA community was basically of the opinion that everyone should grow up and act like partners since it’s a marriage, after all.

There were some who agreed with the OP, saying that he was indeed correct in acting the way he did. Some thought she was a little selfish as she can’t reciprocate by giving money, but above all, people begged them to remain polite and understand that this is a partnership and nothing else exists. IThere is only Us.

There were some who agreed with the OP, arguing that in any case the wife didn’t want to reciprocate by giving the money.

Despite this, the post garnered almost 10,000 votes and several Reddit awards, as well as making headlines online. In addition, this has also generated some discussion in the comments section, which you can find. here.

But we’d love to hear your thoughts on who’s right and who’s wrong, and what would be the optimal solution to this situation in the comments section below!

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