How Amazing Race succeeded during the pandemic

Finally the world is watching Amazing race again! When the coronavirus shut down the world in March 2020, production of many TV shows was halted. Amazing race was one of them. Traveling in pairs around the world at a time when infectious disease was just beginning to manifest itself was a bad idea.

Many shows and films were postponed or canceled at the time, but with Amazing race already having filmed two stages of the race and three episodes, the show’s producers were hoping for a smooth return.

Season 33, hosted by longtime host Phil Keoghan, finally aired on Wednesday, January 5, with the rest of the season continuing into Wednesday night. Filming resumed in September 2021 and ended in October. 11 new pairs this season including one of Island of love, internet personalities and a couple of viral videos.

That’s how Amazing race survived a pandemic.

7 Filming for Amazing Race season 33 has already begun

As we mentioned above, one of the reasons the show survived the pandemic was because they had already started filming before the spread of the coronavirus. Participants will need to be paid to complete the remainder of the show and the winner will need to be crowned. Plus, since CBS promised his fans another season, they couldn’t just give it up.

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6 The Amazing Race is back with precautions

Like many other shows, Amazing race returned with several important health precautions. “CBS wants us to get back on schedule. They want us to come up with a plan, ”Keogan said. Golden Derby IJune 2021. “I think we have a plan that will work in this world we live in. But the network is expected to finish our 33rd season and then move on to other seasons again. “

They used a chartered plane to fly from one location to another, which lowered the risk of COVID-19 infection for their members. The show and network wanted to make sure everyone, the cast and crew, returned home safely to their families.

5 The Amazing Races Locations Affected by COVID-19

Before the filming closed, the racers had already driven through England and Scotland. When they returned, they had to film in places that were not considered hotbeds of the virus. In the end, they raced through Switzerland, France, Greece and Portugal, and the final was in Los Angeles. Keogan said Entertainment weekly that was strict return to work policy introduced which they had to follow.

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4 How COVID Made The Amazing Race Easier to Transport

How many times have you watched Amazing race and see your beloved couple arrive last because their plane was delayed or they were unable to take off? Too many to count. One good thing that came out of this pandemic was that the show finally had its own plane with Amazing race printed on it. “It was a bit of a mystery tour,” Keogan said. Electronic warfare“Because the participants had no idea where they were going.”

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3 How COVID Affected Amazing Race teams

Of the nine remaining teams, two failed to return. No reasons were given, and it was not stated which of them were not returned. Only the fans who watched the show knew. One team, Lulu and Lala Gonzalez, nearly fizzled out when their grandmother died during a break. But they came back to finish for her. “My grandmother always said, ‘You always have to get what you started with,” said Lulu Gonzalez on the Television Critics Association’s Zoom panel. “We knew we had to do it for her.”

2 How Amazing Race has changed

With the vaccine widespread and the number of cases declining in the second half of 2021, filming for the show resumed, but of course he still had to change some of his classic goals. Checkpoints and detours were mostly outside. Although flights changed, taxis and rented cars were still in use. The crew was expanded to include several COVID teams that regularly tested the contestants.

one Fan Reactions to Amazing Race After Season 33 Post-Coronavirus

A lot of fans are just happy that the show is back! Some are eager to see how they will format the show despite COVID. While others have said that if they can film shows during COVID, that people should be able to find rapid tests in their city.

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