How an Avengers villain inspired director Will Biles to search for new motion capture technology for a quarry

In an exclusive interview with Looper to discuss the making of The Career, Will Biles said the trip to SIGGRAPH introduced him to Digital Domain’s work on Thanos in the last two Avengers films. Biles recalled being amazed at how Digital Domain used machine learning to turn Josh Brolin into Thanos, and he approached a tech company to achieve the same results for Career.

“They just finished Thanos where they did a really incredible job with machine learning. [engine] do animation,” Biles explained. “We used to still have animators, but this machine learning was extraordinary. With Thanos, it was like “This is Josh Brolin.” Even though he has this giant chiseled pink chin, you could see it was Josh Brolin. There were his manners, nuances, subtlety of execution. Everything was there. It seemed that “if we could get it, we would really do something.” We had long negotiations with them. For the games, he was not yet suitable … but we negotiated with them.

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