How Bibi Rexa deals with body image problems

Bibi Rexa is a singer-songwriter best known for her songs Me, Myself & I, Meant To Be and Last Hurray. She supported the Jonas Brothers on tour and wrote many songs for artists such as Selena Gomez, Eminen, Nick Jonas and others.

But besides the music, fans love it for its curves and irreconcilable attitude towards them. However, sometimes it can affect her. On December 27, Rexa took to TikTok to talk about her weight gain and how it affected her. However, this is not the first time the singer has faced this. Designers refused her, and other people shamed her. This time, however, she felt insecure. She looks absolutely beautiful, but sometimes when society has certain expectations, people’s body image can change.

Here’s how Baby Rexa deals with the body image problem.

7 TikTok video from Baby Reksha

On December 27, Baby Reksha posted a video on TikTok of her latest fight for her body image. She told over 7.1 million subscribers why she has been missing from the app lately. “I think I am the hardest one that has ever been. I have weighed in just now, and I feel uncomfortable sharing this weight because I feel embarrassed, ”she said, holding back tears. Rexa continued, “I feel bad and when I feel bad I don’t want to post. And that’s really the reason I haven’t posted posts in the last year or so, like before. “

It’s okay to be honest and give up on these things from time to time, especially when beauty standards are upheld for those in the entertainment industry.


6 She called the fashion designers

In 2019, Baby Rex was called in by a fashion designer who didn’t wear her for the Grammy Awards because she was “too big.” By posting a video about this on your Instagram, A 32-year-old man said, “You say that all women in the world of size 8 and up are ugly and they can’t wear your dresses … fuck you, I don’t want to wear your fucking dresses.”

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5 How Bibi Rexa Handled It

Before she told the designer to “fuck”, she was completely pissed off. When her stylist told her that people were saying she was too big to fit in a dress, Baby Rexa was very upset. The singer told Cosmopolitan UK in 2019: “It broke my heart. I was so sad, so sad. I felt like trash… “But it inspired her to create a viral video on her Instagram. This sparked an outpouring of love and support from fans and other designers.

4 Hugging her curves

Bibi Rexa posted a video on TikTok back in June 2021 showing off her uniforms in a lingerie set. “How much do you think I weigh? This is nobody’s business, ”she wrote on the video as she posed and danced. “Because I’m a bad bitch, regardless of my weight. But let’s normalize 165 pounds. ” She signed it with the words, “Today I feel like a bad guy.” And she really looked like that.

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3 Inclusive lingerie line from Bebe Rexha

When you feel unwell about your body, wear some underwear that suits you perfectly! Earlier this year, Rexha launched her own lingerie line, Adore Me. The line specifically aims to promote the inclusiveness of the body while at the same time adopting a sexy and positive image.

“I am for body positive, inclusiveness, and I was very excited to partner with a brand that really believes in this and has been promoting it for a while. Like a woman who wasn’t a pop star cookie cutter I hope to inspire women to love their bodies and feel beautiful in any size.,” she said PEOPLE.

2 She takes good care of herself

In October 2020, Bebe Rexa spoke with PEOPLE Magazine O how self-care helps her cope with body image issues… “When I have a bad week of eating, I feel so disgusting – like eating tons of chips or croissants and the like,” she explained. “When I eat healthier food and drink more water, and then do even a little exercise or just try to live a little more active, I feel much better: I feel much healthier, I feel much sexier, and this is for me. it is very important for me to stay active and eat well. “

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one Bibi Rexa Says Be Your Own Cheerleader

Despite being told over and over again that her weight would affect her career, she learned to accept it and love her shape. “I realized that you have to be your own cheerleader. I wish I knew it 10 years ago, – said then Rexa. – If you don’t love yourself, who the hell will be? “- she said. PEOPLE last May.

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